Mambukal and The Seven Waterfalls


It's our first day in Bacolod City and the only day we had to explore what it offers.  We commissioned a taxi from the hotel to bring us to places that we chose.  We agreed at P1800 for a days tour. Our first destination was the Mambukal Mountain Resort as suggested by Mang Jun, our intoxicatingly friendly taxi driver.  Along the way Mang Jun has a lot of stories about Negros and seems to be very knowledgeable and proud of his place.  He made us feel comfortable and engaging us in conversation as he drove us there.

A Day in Cebu - Search for Day Tour Service


With plane tickets booked and hotel accommodation reserved the next concern was to find an inexpensive day tour service in Cebu City if possible.  I've searched through the internet and came acrossed the name "Kuya Macky" mentioned in several blogs and even in trip advisor. Kuya Macky got good feedback from people who commissioned his service. So I just listed his name and mobile phone number in my travel book.

A Day in Cebu - Diamond Suites and Residence


I had always been wanting to visit Bacolod City and the route going there was via Cebu. Since I've been to Cebu several times but haven't really explored this beautiful Queen City of the South yet, I planned that when I push through with the Bacolod City trip, I will stay a day or two and go around Cebu City. I got so lucky to booked our plane ticket, this was during Cebu Pacific's  "Piso Fare" promo more than a year ago. To be exact the tickets were booked August 17, 2012 for travel dates September 13 - 18, 2013.