Mambukal and The Seven Waterfalls


It's our first day in Bacolod City and the only day we had to explore what it offers.  We commissioned a taxi from the hotel to bring us to places that we chose.  We agreed at P1800 for a days tour. Our first destination was the Mambukal Mountain Resort as suggested by Mang Jun, our intoxicatingly friendly taxi driver.  Along the way Mang Jun has a lot of stories about Negros and seems to be very knowledgeable and proud of his place.  He made us feel comfortable and engaging us in conversation as he drove us there.

Mambukal Mountain Resort is located in the Municipality of Murcia (Eastern side of Negros Occidental) approximately 45 minutes from Bacolod City. The entrance fee of the resort is P50/pax and we didn't rent any cottage since we will just be exploring the place for a few hours.  We hired a tour guide to bring us to the falls, we haven't talked much because we have to put our concentration on the hiking although the trails are established, some are very steep.  After almost half a hour of steep climbing did we finally had a glimpse of the falls. It was a sight to behold, falls after falls cascading and a few more climb more falls is revealed.  We passed by waterfalls 1, 2 & 3 and it was already quite tempting to take a dip.  Sadly it was not allowed in these areas.

Reaching the 6th falls I was already panting tired. The water was so inviting that we immediately changed into our shorts and took a dip while our tour guide was directing us to pose for a photo.  I was very careful to move in the middle of the falls, although it's small or short but the current was very strong.  My senses is telling me to be cautious or I'd be carried away by the current and fall at the deep falls below.  After a few minutes of enjoying the water, our tour guide asked if we are up to going the first falls though it was not part of the resort.  We went there for an adventure so we said yes.

It took us almost an hour hike and climb until we reached the place. Hidden by luscious forest a falls taller than the other water falls that was recently unveiled to us. It was only us who was there so we immediately took the chance to have the waterfalls on our own before the others arrive. We had a great time refreshingly communing with mother nature. After a few minutes, we change clothes and walked back to find a motorcycle that will bring us back to the resort.

The resort has many beautiful sites both man made and gift from mother nature.  The water that flows through a series of seven falls are the ones feeding the resorts swimming pool and the boating lagoon. They also have a challenging wall climbing, boating lagoon & canopy walk with its hanging bridge. After the days adventure a dip into a hot spring with sulfuric soda water surely relaxes your whole body.

Mambukal Mountain Resort rest 1200 feet above sea level and serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon Volcano, the highest peak in Visayas and one of the most active volcanoes in the country.

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