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With plane tickets booked and hotel accommodation reserved the next concern was to find an inexpensive day tour service in Cebu City if possible.  I've searched through the internet and came acrossed the name "Kuya Macky" mentioned in several blogs and even in trip advisor. Kuya Macky got good feedback from people who commissioned his service. So I just listed his name and mobile phone number in my travel book.

I started planning where I wanted to go. And, looking at Kuya Macky's listed itinerary was the places that I wanted to see, places that's hard to find for someone who is not familiar with this beautiful Queen City of the South. Two weeks before our scheduled flight I texted Kuya Macky and inquired if he is available on our desired date for Cebu City day tour and luckily he had no booking for that day. I immediately booked it and asked if he require a down payment. He simply said that we pay him after the tour. Two days before our scheduled trip Kuya Macky texted to confirm our schedule and then he told me that he'll pick us up at our hotel.  The day tour will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and the rate was P2500.

Cebu Day Tour Itinerary

Philippine Taoist Temple

Museo Sugbo (Cebu Provincial Museum)

Heritage Monument of Cebu

Yap - Sandiego Ancestral House

Casa Gorordo Museum Cebu

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Magellan's Cross Cebu City

Basilica Sto Niño Church

Pedro Calungsod  Chappel

Mactan Shrine

Cebu Zip Line (Busay)


Actually Kuya Macky's regular job is a taxi driver. He use his taxi unit if he has a day tour booking. If it's a big group (5 or more) that's the only time he drives a van for the tour. He said that there were actually a lot of taxi driver's who accepts Cebu day tour booking at the airport but the fees would differ from his. To be safe I'd rather hire someone who is dependable, reliable and someone who received a lot of positive feedbacks from his customers. After the tour he brought us back to the hotel tired and contented.

Contact No. 0906-2080724


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