Extremely Exciting White Water Rafting Adventure

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

After our trip in Sohoton Cove and close encounter with the Stingless Jellyfish last May, we started talking about doing river rafting adventure.  We agreed to do it in August because of the many holidays the month has.  Our friend Che was the one who made the arrangements like renting a van for our transportation (from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City and back), booking our activities and gather friends who will be joining in this journey. Since August 26 is a holiday (National Heroes Day) and fell on a Monday then we have a long weekend to do this escapade.

We left Davao Saturday at around 8:30 in the evening. We decided to commence our trip early because we're anticipating delays cause by the perennial road repairs along Davao-Bukidnon highways.  After 6 hours of bumpy ride from Davao City we finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro City 2:30 at dawn, too early for the 6:00 AM call time.  Instead of looking for a place to stay for a few hours, we asked the van driver to park somewhere safe and spend the waiting time sleeping inside the van.  It was almost 6:00 AM when the van driver took us to the meeting place at Coffeeworks located near Xavier University at Divisoria CDO.  Not very long after a jeepney pulled over to fetch us.  Everybody was excited and at the same time indecisive whether to push through or not.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

There was a short stop at the Great White Water Rafting Tours office located along Masterson Avenue, Carmen CDO, for the usual signing of waiver. For someone who were into adventures such as this, signing the form was very easy, but for the first timers, there is always fearful reluctance. Since most in our group were "fearless" and just couldn't stop talking about how great this journey will be, the "baby's" lost their chance to worry and signed the waiver. We immediately changed to our rash guard, board shorts and aqua shoes. The rest of our things was left in their office for safekeeping.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

I brought with me an underwater camera but decided to use my DSLR camera also. I was made to sign another waiver for the gadget. They have a full-time camera crew who will take our pictures using our camera and the waiver was saying that the company will not be liable if something happens to it. WHAT??? . . . . .  Well, what the heck . . . this is one hell of an adventure and that includes the possibility of losing something.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

It took about 30 minutes to reached the starting point. We were given the basic gear: life vest, helmet and a paddle. There was a short orientation on how to handle and use the paddle. The guide taught us the basic strokes of paddling and these were: forward, backward, right turn, left turn, stop and high 5. He demonstrated how it was done and we were encouraged to practice. There was also a short briefing on emergency and safety. Ready or not we went to the rubber-boat and started our white water rafting adventure.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

Our guides were friendly and funny. Both did a great job of telling us stories about the things we saw along the way. It actually was not about the stories but it's more of how they comically deliver it. Passing through the 14 rapids, we didn't only had fun during this 3 hours voyage but having great laugh as well. Meanwhile, the 2 crew who collected our cameras expertly maneuver their kayak through the rapids. Most of the time they went ahead to position themselves on a rock or high grounds at a predetermined spot for a perfect shot. Midway, a simple snacks (pastel bun and bottled water) was served.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

White water rafting has become a popular activity not only in Cagayan de Oro but in many provinces as well, like Davao, Kanlinga, Antique, Quezon and many others. People of all ages will enjoy this adventure. But we must always take into consideration that when engaging in this kind of action we should always seek the service of the professionals. Unless your are properly trained, physically fit and equipped and 100% familiar with the rapids, this adventure are not for the do-it-yourself kind.

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

Finally, another item in my bucket list has been marked checked. Doing white water river rafting adventure was a fulfillment of a long planned desire. It was actually dangerous but the river guides safely navigated through the rapids while making us sit on one side or stand on top of the rubber boat. Though we had our share of falling from the boat and the raft turned up-side-down, I thought if it would still be extremely fun if we didn't had it. I listened well to instructions and followed the river guides leading. It's the only way for us to safely savor the thrill of river rafting. 

White Water Rafting Adventure CDO

After the river adventure, we went back to the office feeling wonderful, fear of the wild rapids gone and, to change clothes and collect our things. Lunch was also served while waiting for the van who will take us to Dahilayan Adventure Park for our zipline adventure.

The cost of this trip:

1. White Water Rafting and Zipline Adventure P1699 (Min of 10 pax)

  • Inclusions:
  • Transporation back and forth CDO/Dahilayan Adventure Park and City Proper/Rafting Area
  • 14 rapids Water Rafting (Beginners Course)
  • All rides zipline (320m + 150m + 840m)
  • Lunch and snacks (during rafting) and snacks )(during zipline)

2. Transporatation from Davao City to CDO (Van rental including overtime after 24 hours use and drivers meals) P973.56

3. Personal meals P300.00

Having experienced this extremely exciting adventure . . . the cost has become insignificant =)

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  1. This is indeed exciting and full of adventure. Rafting trips are incredible. I love this so much. This brings so much fun and enjoyment especially if spent with family and friends and even with first timers. River rafting is one of the sporty adventures that loved by many. This is a challenging recreational outdoor activity but for the past ten years, this has been a family-friendly adventure already.


  2. Thank you so much for the great review! We're so glad you had an amazing time :) See you again soon!