Braving the Flight - The Zipline Adventure

Dahilayan Adventure Park

We really had a best time during our Extremely Exciting White Water Rafting Adventure in Cagayan de Oro City. But, it didn't end there. A van took us on a one and a half hour ride to Manolo Fortich, a first class municipality in Bukidnon, where Barangay Dahilayan was located. Tired and exhausted from our morning activity I slept during the trip. When I woke up, the van was already cruising on a long stretch of rough dirt road, in the middle of a vast and boundless pineapple farm. I've learned that we were already inside Del Monte Pineapple farm in Camp Phillips. When we reached a concrete road there was a few minutes of uphill drive until we finally arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park.

There were too many people around the park and it's kind of making me feel dizzy. We rested for awhile, while Che claimed our wrist band - our pass for the zipline. There were 3 zipline courses at Dahilayan Adventure Park, the 840m, 320m and 150m and the package we got allowed us to ride all 3. We wore our wrist bands then went to the booth to start this insanity, I mean the "flight". We were given a helmet to wear and was told to ride the 4WD Safari Cruiser who took us to higher ground where the launch tower was located 4500ASL. I began to get jitters and was already anxious. I am already contemplating to back-out but can't show it to my companions because I don't want to cut their excitement. I felt that I was the only one who was uneasy with this. 

We lined again for more gears to wear then went up to the launch tower afterwards. This was a dual zipline so my friend Dave and I decided to take the flight together. We were forth in the line with some of our companions ahead of us. When it was our turn to ride our first adventure on the 840m zipline known to be Asias Longest Zipline, I was feeling cold. But, we were already there and no more time turning back, besides I do not like to be teased for backing out and to be called "coward of the county". 

As we traverse from the launch pad passing through the rainforest canopy, my fear went gone. The sight of the trees below us and having an aerial view of the the park was just breathtaking. But, I quickly panicked when I saw Dave was already way ahead of me. It felt like I was slowing down, it took quite a moment when I reached the landing pad. That was the only time I felt safe and that zip-lining's safe. After doing the longest zipline, we immediately went to another area to do the 320m and the 150m which has become effortless and more fun for me.



Dahilayan Adventure Park has many other attractions also like:

  • Rope Course - made to physically and mentally challenge you to a 12 stage high and low wire obstacle course. 
  • Drop Zone - Philippines first pendulum swing where riders will be suspended 120 ft above then free-fall and swoop across a man-made lake. 
  • Flying Lizard - where a rider glides through trees and between trunks at his/her own time depending on how fast the rider can pedal the glider.
  • They also have an ATV Ride, Horse-back-riding, Zorb and many others.

Special thanks to my friend Dave who managed to take pictures of our adventures even while gliding through the air.
We really had a great time at Dahilayan Adventure Park, although we only did the zipline and the 2 ladies Suy-suy and Che did the Drop Zone. After we had our free snacks we rested and waited for our other companions who did the ATV Ride. Since it was getting late already and they were not done yet, we decided to head back to Davao City leaving them there to enjoy the rides.

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