Enchanted by Sohoton Cove of Bucas Grande

Enchanting that's the perfect word that best describe Sohoton Cove. After our short Bucas Grande Island Hopping our boat proceeded then stopped and anchored about 100 meters from Sohoton Visitors Center where we will register for the Sohoton Cove Tour. I asked the tour guide why our boat has to stopped far from the center and us fetched by smaller pump boats (8 pax capacity). I found out later that only these small pump boats could fit in the cave  entrance of Sohoton Cove. After registering our names at the center, there was a short lecture on what to expect and safety reminders given to us, before allowing us back to our assigned boat.

Everybody was just as excited as I was while our boat sails along Suhoton Bay. The sight of  numerous undeveloped white beaches and islets magnificently shaped by decades of changing seasons and environment was just overwhelming. Not very long after we reached the cave entrance of Sohoton Cove. As explained by the tour guide this place got its name Sohoton from a local dialect word "suoton" that could mean  "to bend over and pass through". We learned that access in and out of this entrancing natural wonder of nature can only be made during low tide by going through a 60 meters half submerged cave that snakes its way into the island.

The Sohoton Cove the only way in and out of the lagoon
At some part we have to bend down to avoid being hit by some rock formations in the cave
At the end of this narrow and low ceiling cove was a lucid, calm and pristine lagoon blessed with verdant hills, rocky cliffs and mystical caves. If not with the sound of the boats motor the sight could have been blissful. I thought if this place is explored with slower and quieter paddled boat the scenery of this God given beauty could have been enjoyed and relished more by us.

The popular Horse Foot/Tail landmark of Sohoton Cove
The first spot we went to was Hagukan Cave. "Haguk" was a local dialect which means snore or snoring. It is said that this cave produces a snoring sound when waves hit the cave opening. The cave had a very low entrance that 4 tour guides asked us to lie down on the water with our life-vest so they can maneuver our body into the very low and narrow opening. It was actually scary because one wrong move will cause being cut or wounded by sharp shells attached to the caves ceilings and walls. We actually had to close our eyes to avoid panic and trusted the tour guides as they carefully moved us into the cave.

Hagukan Cave was astonishing. Instead of a pitch-dark interior it was bright and shinning. This was because the walls of this small cavernous space is made of limestone reflecting the light that comes from outside the cave. We stayed inside for a few minutes awed by the mysterious sight.

Entrance of Hagukan Cave (photo by Marj Biaca)
Inside Hagukan Cave without using a flash (phot by Marj Biaca)
Inside Hagukan Cave (photo by Marj Biaca)

We were then brought to Magkukoub Cave. This cave was not as impressive as Hagukan Cave, the water was shallow and it was dark inside.  Good thing the tour guide brought flashlights with them and guided us through until we reached the upward path leading to a small exit that will bring us to a makeshift diving platform. Actually this was the exit and to be able to go back to our boats we have to jump 5 meters down to the clear waters of Sohoton Cove. That is why this place is more popularly called as the diving cave.

Entrance of Magkukoub Cave

The upward path towards the small sunlit exit

The Diving Platform

The ladies enjoying the clear waters of Sohoton Cove while waiting for us to dive from the platform.



  1. This is a great blog, I've watched video on youtube about the Hagukan Cave and yeah I can tell even I don't see it personally it is a wonderful place to go.

    1. Yes, hope you will be able to visit the place, you will be definitely awed by it's beauty =)

  2. Wonderful place. Hope to visit the place one day.

    1. Hi Joy, indeed it was and 1 day was not enough to explore it. I will definitely go back and stay overnight or two, there's so many natural wonders to see =)

    2. what is the best month to visit that place?