A Journey to the Breathtaking Bucas Grande Islands


At last, I finally had the time to sit and write about my journey at Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte. It was a spur of the moment decision to go. We've been looking for a date (preferably a weekend with a holiday) to schedule a company summer outing and finally we found one. There were a lot of apprehensions to push through with the trip, it was election time and traveling late in the evening would not be safe. But most of my office-mates were adventurous so, they immediately planned & made preparations for the trip since we will be doing it that weekend after office.

We hired 2 vans and left Davao City around 11:00 pm, it was a long 7 hours trip. We reached Hayanggabon Port in Claver Surigao del Norte at 6:00 am. The tour guide Vincent Tamayo whom we contacted through text only met us at the port. I got his name while reading post about Sohoton Cove and true enough he made our trip in Bucas Grande Islands easy.

Our first stop was at an island (sorry I didn't get the islands name). Instead of powdery white sands, the beach was filled with broken corrals brought about by the strong waves when these islands were visited by storms. It's kind of painful to walk barefoot on it but it never stopped us from enjoying the place, fell in love with it's crystal clear waters and the ship-like shaped typhoon battered islets. After a few minutes of taking photos in the island we headed back to the our boat.

Our next stop was at Hidden Island Resort. Literally hidden from the view of passing boat, the resort was built at the side of the island were most of the buildings looks like it was floating on the water. It has several cottages, a restaurant and a karaoke bar. The resort was beautiful, its waters were so clear, though very deep, you can actually see the sea floors. Underneath the cottages, they have fish cages with humongous lapu-lapu, a sea turtle and baby shark swimming in it. 

Our next destination was Club Tara Resort, a high end resort and probably the only one at Bucas Grande Islands. It has several detached cottages where guest can enjoy privacy. Each room were extravagantly provided with amenities that would make the guest stay at the resort enjoyable and comfortable. It has a swimming pool, a bar and restaurant. And the best part in this resort was the clear bluish water of the lagoon and the picturesque view of the magnificent rock formations of some islets.

We then proceeded to Sohoton Reception Center to register for our Sohoton Cove and Jellyfish Sanctuary tour.

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  1. Surigao is worth exploring. I've been to Tinuy-an Falls and yet to visit the Enchanted River and these breathtaking Bucas Grande Island

  2. I have read many good reviews for Bucas Grande. This destinations sure has a bright future in tourism. I so love the rocky outcrops thre. :)

  3. The hidden island resort would be a nice place to visit with its clear water and a baby share swimming. Also nice to see the high end fun at club Tara Resort.

  4. oooh the place looks relaxing and beautiful! surigao should be in my bucketlist!

  5. we been to Hidden Island Resort, it was really a great place to relax and appreciate nature...

  6. This province is right next to my province in Philippines and would love to explore it when I can have the chance on our next vacation. I love how you capture its beauty thru your photos. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! What a paradise this is :-) I love love love the views and the beaches. I would love to run and jump in the water right away. How I wish that my family can visit this place if GOD will allow us to move to the Philippines in the near future :-)

  8. What a wholesome travel you have had at Surigao... You almost visited the hidden beauty natural spots, I should say, in the island.

  9. Bucas Grande Islands is really worth the visit for every traveler. I only went there once at Club Tara Resort with my good friends and indeed it provides the privacy in the true sense of the word. The landscape is simply beautiful. With your post I realized there are certainly discoveries and explorations to make in these islands of Surigao Del Norte. Thanks for sharing this post! I'm definitely bookmarking this.