Relaxing and Enjoying the Cool Breeze of Eden

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Eden"? 

The first thing that comes to our minds will always be a heavenly place, or arcadia or utopia even the word bliss and euphoria would pop up from our minds. And this place is something just like that. Eden Nature Park and Resort lies at the foot of Mt. Talomo at approximately 3000 feet above sea level.  This place had become the most visited nature park in Davao City because of it's year round cool climate, verdant and lush forest and interesting flora and fauna collections. 

We left the house after lunch and reached Eden Nature Park after almost an hour drive. We already had a reservation for an overnight stay so we went straight to the front desk to check-in. The front desk clerk gave us the key to our cottage Camellia 5. Our accommodations included freebies like free swimming pass, free  fishing and plate-in breakfast for four.
The Peacock encounter at the front-desk parking area
The four children, Jeshca, Cacai, Clyde and Ivan were so excited, they wanted to go swimming immediately. As soon as we laid our luggage inside our room they quickly changed to their swim wear and requested us to bring them to the Swimming Pool. Good thing the swimming pool area was near the Camellia cottages, we just walked going there. It was already a few minutes past 3 o'clock and the pool closes at 4 o'clock. So the kids swam without delay because they knew they had a short time enjoying it.
Eden Nature Park and Resort - Swimming Pool

After swimming, we went back to our room for them to change clothes. Dave and I then brought them to Vista Playground. They tried the Indiana Jones (a mini and short distance zipline). Then we went to the other side where the slides, see-saw and swing were located. The kids were having so much fun, they never stopped running around and laughing, they were tireless and carefree and made me remember how I was when I was a kid.
Vista Playground
Indiana Jones
Vista Playground

When they were through with the playgrounds, we went to do a short adventure at the Mountain Trail. It wasn't really very hard doing the mountain trail and walk through the deep forest because the slopes had concrete stairs and path. It also has signs and directions so you won't get lost as you go around and end from where you started. By the way, Eden Nature Park is 80% man-made forest. The only natural flora in this place were the bamboos and giant ferns which grew can be seen everywhere.
Mountain Trail
Although tired already, I urged them that we pass by the Deer Park as our last stop before going back to the cottage to rest and prepare for dinner. When we arrived at the Deer Park I made some sound hoping to attract the herd. After a short while the deer slowly went near where we are. The kids excitedly cut some grass and tried to feed them. It's their first time to experience a face to face encounter with a live deer and they were really having fun with it.

Deer Park

After the deer encounter we started walking on the road that will lead us to Camellia Cottages but it started raining. We immediately looked for a place to shelter us from the rain. We were lucky there was a bahay-kubo (a hut) nearby, so we stayed there for a while. When the rain slowed down, Dave asked the park guard if we can request for a tram to fetch us and bring us to the cottage. A few minutes later the tram arrived. One good service of Eden Nature Park and Resort was request for transport within the park was easy, depending on the availability but they were always willing to accommodate everyone.

This was how we spent our first half-day at Eden Nature Park and Resort. Please see our second day on the next post.

Mount Talomo, Toril Davao City
Booking Office: Matina Town Square (MTS)
Mc Arthur Highway, Matina Davao City
Tel No. 082-2290313



  1. I was able to visit Eden Nature Park and even tried their zipline. It was really a beautiful place.

  2. I was not able to visit Eden Nature Park, maybe its the right time to indulge and unwind here and experience it myself.

  3. Another interesting place of nature to be explore as far as I am concern. I lie the place.

  4. i missed going here... come to think of it, i still had not do it with my family. i hope my family would have the time and resources for it. Yahweh bless.

  5. I'm in Davao right now and I wanted to include that park in our itinerary but due to time constraint will just go back to it during our next visit. :D