Enchanting Butterflies at Eden


It's sad that children at the metropolis rarely have a chance to commune with nature. What they know about landscape, forest and natural environment all came from the textbook or seen on television. But nothing can compare the knowledge that they will get when they experience personal encounter with nature. As Eden Nature Park and Resort brochures says "Experience so Much more!", indeed we did.

The children had a great time during the Day Tour , they have seen how vegetables, herb, spices and fruits, were planted and grown and how different it looks compared to the grocery. They realized that flowers grows on soil and not in the flower vase. And they were amazed that fish were alive and not naturally frozen. These little details that we sometimes took for granted were great learnings for these kids. And I was glad  I brought them with me on this trip. After lunch at Fishing Village, we decided to explore more of Eden before heading back home. 

The "PASYALAN" was where the Aviary, Pinoy Games and Butterfly Garden were located. We made this our last area to explore because it's free and it's near where our car was parked.

The AVIARY was where different species of birds can be seen, not really as many as the Birds Zoo in Singapore but good enough to awe the kids.

The PINOY GAMES was where children or children at heart can try to play traditional Filipino games like piko, patintero and other known games to us who grew up in the province but strange to these city kids.

Finally we went to BUTTERFLY GARDEN. The children was just enchanted by the sight of butterflies of different colors and sizes flying above and across us. They could never hide their excitement anymore and began chasing the butterflies inside a net enclosure.

Everything we experienced at Eden Nature Park and Resort were unforgettable and it felt good. 

Mount Talomo, Toril Davao City
Booking Office: Matina Town Square (MTS)
Mc Arthur Highway, Matina Davao City
Tel No. 082-2290313



  1. I'm actually going to Davao this August, and have been thinking about visiting Eden Nature Park. Would you happen to know if their day tour package offers pick-up/drop-off from the hotel?

  2. Sarap dalhin ng ang buong family dito- yung tipong picnic style taz week end. thanks for sharing bro

  3. It would really be nice to appreciate the pinoy games in the beauty of Eden Nature Park.