Eden Nature Park and Resort a Summer Getaway in Davao City

Eden Nature Park and Resort is one we consider the best summer getaway place and tourist destination in Davao City. It is located at the foot of Mount Talomo, one of the two inactive volcano in Mindanao. The other one is Mount Apo the highest mountain in the Philippines.

I booked for an overnight stay at Eden Nature Park and Resort last March 7, I bought it on a sale. They ran a Room Sale last March 1-17 during Araw Ng Dabaw celebration week with a stay period from April 1-June 30, 2013. Just in time for my birthday I booked one room Camellia 5 and paid P1,372.00 instead of the regular price of P4,725.00 inclusive of free breakfast, swimming and fishing all for four pax. Talking about value for money, this package was a great birthday gift. Hallelujah!!!
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The day finally came and we went to Eden Nature Park and Resort. When we arrived, the guard greeted us and pointed us to the front desk area to get our room keys. The staff and crew of the park were noticeably accommodating. The were courteous and smiling making us guest feel welcome and at home. Not only that, I made a 7:00 pm dinner reservations at the front desk before we went to our room. At 6:45 the front desk called our room if we were ready for pick-up because she will send a van to bring us at Vista Restaurant. Our cottage was located just about 100 meters from the restaurant and walking towards it would not tire us, yet she insist on sending the van. When the van arrived we got out of the room, it was drizzling already, we didn't noticed this when we were inside the room, good thing the front desk staff anticipated that we will be needing transport that time. Talking about good service, this place definitely does it well.

Eden Nature Park and Resort has several cottages located in different areas of the park. The have rooms that can accommodate 2 or 4 pax while their Family Cottages can accommodate 10-12 pax. These family cottages were fully furnished, equipped with kitchen and cooking wares so guest can cook their own food. No need to worry if your cabin is in the deepest part of the forest, they provide vans that will bring you anywhere within the park.

Log Cabin
Holiday Lodge
There are several activities that you can engage with at the park. They have the guided Day Tour (at P120/pax)m where you will have a chance to explore the 60 hectares of this 80 hectares park. The tour van will bring you through the deepest man-made forest with several stops for souvenir photo taking. If you are up to physical challenge, you may opt to do the 4 km Mountain Trail where you will pass several interesting attractions in the wilderness like towering tees, creeks, boulders, pond & waterfalls. To refresh yourself from the tiring adventure, the park has two swimming pool for kiddie and adult located at the highest level of the park. Just expect to swim in a cold pool because it is not equipped with water heater.

For the children and children at heart, you may like to try playing some traditional Filipino Games like luksong tinik, patintero and piko at Pinoy Games park.

And for the adventurous, they have Horse back-riding and Skyrider a zipline at the other side of the park across the main road.

There were also numerous attractions where you can lazily walk while communing with nature like the Aviary, Butterfly Garden and Deer Park. Or you can just pitch a tent at the Campsite and enjoy the outdoors.

Dubbed as one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines, at Eden Nature Park and Resort, you can never run out of activities to enjoy. 


Mount Talomo, Toril Davao City
Booking Office: Matina Town Square (MTS)
Mc Arthur Highway, Matina Davao City
Tel No. 082-2290313


  1. I love it when Eden has these room sale! Swak na swak sa budget.

  2. what a sale! I haven't been to Davao but would love to! and I would even love to with that sale!