Dining in Davao: The Best Tokwa't Baboy and Goto

After office I just felt the urge to eat my favorite food at Davao Dencias Restaurant and these were tokwa't baboy, goto and fried lumpia.  I asked my friend Dave to meet me after he's done checking our shops.  So we went there and made our usual order and additional squid with vegies in oyster sauce.

(Tofu and Pork with Dencias special sauce)

GOTO (Congee)

(Spring Roll) with garlic and vinegar sauce

As usual the tokwa't baboy tasted sensationally good with its golden fried tofu, tender and juicy pork topped with crush garlic and their special sauce, a perfect partner for the goto. Finely crushed garlic with vinegar has always been an excellent sauce for their humongous fried lumpia, while the squid with vegies was pleasantly good.

Anyone in Davao City when asked about "Where is the best Tokwa't Baboy in town?" will always point you to Davao Dencias Restaurant.  It's been here since the 1960's, originally located at the corner of Duterte and Pelayo Streets where a bank now stands.  As a small boy a long long time ago, my Uncle used to bring us there to eat tokwa't baboy and goto (congee), after a tiring day at what used to be known as "Times Beach" during summer vacation.  And even as a young man studying college at the distant land of Cotabato City, I always make it a point to drop by Dencias every time I went home. Just don't know why, but it seems like I was always craving to taste it again after a long time of being away from home.  And even now, I always find time to drop by Dencias when I feel down, when I am happy and even when I just like to feel good.

For decades and even when they had transferred to a new and bigger location the taste of their dishes never changed. It has always been good and satisfying to the palate, a kind that once tasted makes you keep coming back.

This restaurant never needed advertisement nor promotion, their extensive menu of Chinese and Filipino dishes, good service and reasonable price speaks for itself.  This restaurant had been Davaoenos favorite dining place and I won't wonder if others did too . . . . even you.

General Luna St. Davao City
+63 (82) 2264336



  1. Wow! makes me hungry. Though am not a real fan of congee, I will opt for the tokwa't baboy :)

  2. Ang sarap! Will definitely take note of this place as we're planning to visit Davao real soon.

  3. Oh what timing! We're flying to davao in 5days! I hope we get to swing by here and dine in :)

  4. WOW! Now you got me craving for super hot congee and tokwa't baboy

  5. Everything looks delicious! I'll make sure we'll eat at this restaurant if and when we visit Davao. Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. that looks delicious! tokwat baboy with goto is a must!

  7. Goto and tokwa't baboy are two of my favorites. I hope I can visit this place when we go to Davao.