Dining in Davao: The Best Tokwa't Baboy and Goto

After office I just felt the urge to eat my favorite food at Davao Dencias Restaurant and these were tokwa't baboy, goto and fried lumpia.  I asked my friend Dave to meet me after he's done checking our shops.  So we went there and made our usual order and additional squid with vegies in oyster sauce.

(Tofu and Pork with Dencias special sauce)

Bruno my Lab at the 4th National Davao Dog Summit Fun Run


The alarm rang at 4:00 am, we have to get up immediately to prepare Bruno, my yellow labrador retriever, for the 3 km. fun run at Peoples Park (Davao) for the 4th National Davao Dog Summit.  This was Bruno's 4th fun run. Since events like these were only held in Davao City twice a year, we see to it that we are able to join, so that Bruno can socialize with other dogs and us also will be able to interact with other dog owners and exchange ideas on how to better care our loyal friends.