Dining in Davao: The Bagnetian Kitchen's New Look


It has been a while since I last passed by "The Brick Lane Square" and in this particular rainy evening I was upset about something, I thought that the best way when distressed was to eat. I asked my travel buddy Dave to accompany me, and being dining-out lovers like me he excitedly accepted my invitation.

It's my second time to be in this restaurant and what caught my attention was it's new look. The Bagnetian Kitchen's new ambiance was cozy, intimate and comfortable. Aside from great food and generous servings, what was more inviting about his place was the red sofa placed at the center of this tiny restaurant that seem to tell diners to come, relax and enjoy the food. There were only about 6 small dining tables inside, although there were tables in the open air area infront of the restaurant to accommodate several diners.

Bagnet Express

Bagnet Sisig

The Bagnetian Kitchen's dishes center on "bagnet" an ilocano style of deep frying pork belly similar to "lechon kawali" but a crunchier version. They created dishes from a fusion of bagnet and traditional filipino dishes like Binagoongang Bagnet, Humbagnet, Bagnet Pakbet, Dinuguang Bagnet and many more yet still the most saleable were always the Bagnet Classic which were really appetizing when dip in vinegar with garlic & pepper. They also served other dishes that you can match with chilled beer or a glass of wine on weekend night gimmicks.

We ordered Bagnet Sisig & Bagnet Express that evening paired with a cup of steamed white rice. Being a lechon kawali lover these bagnet dishes were such treats that I forgot what I was upset about.


The Brick Lane Square
Palma Gil St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City

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  1. Wow, seems like there are many rising restaurants now in Davao. I'd love to pay a visit this year. :)

  2. nice place! looks like an interesting dining. i wish they have a branch here in manila, or do they?

  3. Awww. And I got to envy you more since they don't have these dishes yet in Manila. I hope they will soon.

  4. Your post makes me hungry, the foods are great looking. Yummy!

  5. the bagnet sisig looks very yummy! a lot of resturant reviews needs an award! I am happy seeing food posts today just like this one! xx

  6. Been here last year. Good they change the place settings and designs, hope their food taste even better.

  7. I love everything about Bagnet. I must try this restaurant soon.

  8. That bagnet sisig looks so enticing! I always love sisig but bagnet sisig will be my target soon.

    Bagnetian Kitchen will be our 2nd food trip destination with my friend. :D

  9. I've been longing to taste the Iloko's Bagnet, will try this resto before we'll be back in KL.

  10. Their bagnets are truly amazing! I wasn't so much into bagnet but when I got to taste their servings, I can't get enough :) I will definitely drop by their place again!