Fresh Catch Seafood at PUNONG RESTAURANT


Punong Restaurant is located somewhere between my beloved Panabo City and Tagum City, specifically at Barangay Bincungan, a place known for fish farms raising bangus (milkfish), tilapia, shrimps and crabs.  It is so easy to know that you are already near the place because of the abundant mangrove trees or we commonly call "Bakawan" lining at the brook along the highway. I didn't know that this place exist, my brother and mom saw it when they went to Tagum City and suggested that we have lunch at Punong Restaurant. It was more than an hour drive from Davao City and just 15 minutes drive from my mom's house in Panabo City. 

Bruno . . . Stay . . . Come

My dog Bruno is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. When a friend asked me if I am interested to get a yellow lab litter, I was a little hesitant. I do not like a highly maintenance type of dog, considering my busy schedule, I might not be able to take good care of him. He convinced me that labs are actually suited for me. So what I did was read a lot about this breed before he was handed to us.