Dimsum Power Breakfast

After Bruno's exercise and play at Davao Riverfront we rested for a while. Bruno was literally "dog tired" that time. We were supposed to drove back home when we realized that we were hungry.  I was driving around downtown to look for a place to have breakfast but it's either me or Dave doesn't like the places we passed by. We decided to go to Damosa Gateway to see if there are diners already opened at that time.

Fetch the Ball Bruno!

Behind is the picturesque view of Mt Apo.
Most of the time Bruno gets to run around in the evening, inside the compound, when all the other renters were inside there rooms or units. We would take Bruno off leashed in the driveway and have him run around or do a fetch the ball game until he's tired. When we do our morning walks he is usually on a leash. Bruno is a big dog and people are likely to be afraid of him not knowing that he is such an adorable and loving companion labrador retriever.

What's So Glamourous About Eating Crabs? Crab Buffet at Glamour

When we think of the word glamour we always connect this word with clothes, modeling and photography. But this is not what its all about. Somewhere in Davao City is a restaurant named Glamour Resto and Caterer and they offer a crab all you can eat buffet.

Rain or Shine its Fun Run for Bruno

It was raining hard last night and until I woke up at 4:00 am it was raining still. I was already thinking of not going but seems Bruno knows we'll be participating in Merco Anniversary Fun Run 2012. Bruno was already awake and excited when I went out of the room, so I recited . . .

"rain rain go away come again another day, my lab Bruno wants to play"

Sumo Sam for Wrestler's Appetite

Saturday, it was already day 3 of SM Lanang Premier. Last night was not so fun because as I've said in my previous post we were almost drowned by oceans of people so we went back the following day to do our grocery. We went there in the morning around 10:00 a.m. thinking that there will be less people, but I was wrong. Maybe they too thought the same. It was not overcrowded as last night though.