La Comida Deliciosa de Hola España

SM Lanang Premier opened to the public on the second day after the Grand Opening Ceremony on Sept. 27, 2012 graced by exclusively invited guest. Anyway, on its second day I went there after office to have a glance of the new mall. The traffic congestion was terrible (just like in Bangkok) and the taxi driver has to go around to find an easier way. He has to go back to Cabaguio St. and try the narrow streets at the back of Assumption College which was far longer way with less traffic. When we finally arrived at the mall, we were almost drowned by oceans of people. It was extremely overcrowded, but it never stopped us to go around and checked what new things this mall can offer.

Savory Grill of Ranchero

I am astound by how convenient dining out here in Davao City has become. With the spring up of new malls, vacant properties converted into arcades, renovations of old commercial buildings and even old houses transformed into restaurants there were now many places to choose. Not only that, restaurants and fastfood chains which we only heard to be in Manila or abroad were now here franchised by Davaoeño businessmen or brought in by new investors from other places. 

VERDEBarr, Sausage, Salad and Special

Finally Dave and I found it, standing along Torres St. Davao City. A few month ago, when the 3rd floor of G-Mall Davao was undergoing renovations, Dave and I was looking where they transferred. We were regulars of this place because we have favorite dish that we never fail to order before ordering a new dish.

Fun Run with BRUNO my Lab 2012


Here it is again, Merco's Annual Anniversary Fun Run 2012. It wasn't very long ago when Bruno did his very first fun run (and mine) last year. Though he did not win but at least he finished the race without stopping.  Last Thursday, Dave and I passed by Merco at Bolton St Davao City and saw the tarpaulin announcing this year's fun run event. Merco hold this event every year and the owners being pet lovers themselves always includes "Walk/Jog with your Pet" in the category which is mostly participated by dog owners and lovers. Merco opened the registration last August 17, 2012 and fun run enthusiast with pets should register early if they wanted to participate because there are only limited number of entries in this category.

French Bread and Pasta at Cafe France Davao


They are finally open at Gaisano Mall's "The Peak". It wasn't very long ago when Dave and I was strolling at The Peak and notice construction going on in a corner spot. I thought hmmmm another restaurant, "what could it be?"