Surviving The Adventures in Coron Island


Day 3 Journey ni Ikoy in Coron Islands

The beauty of Coron is not found in the city, it is in the surrounding islands. With its white sand beaches, clear pristine waters, lakes (considered the cleanest in the country), lagoons, black marble cliffs and very hospitable & friendly locals, among the places I've been nothing can compare with the beauty of Coron. This tour was really an adventure.


Unpretentious Dining in Coron
Crabs with chili sauce
Lifestyle in Coron being an island and far from the main cities of the Philippines is still very simple and provincial. If not having an airport, seaport and  for the tourist (local & foreign) who visits Coron this island could have remained isolated from the rapid developments that is happening in the Philippines. But because of the detached location of Coron Islands, commercialization was slow and it's a good thing because it preserved Coron's God given natural beauty.

A Taste of LOBSTER

Lobster are so expensive that not everyone will have a chance to taste it. Most of the time it is serve at five star hotels or high end restaurants. Even I had thought that tasting lobster will remain a dream for the rest on my life.

At Home @ Coron Eco Lodge


We immediately went to the booth of Calamian Islands Travel and Tours when we arrived at Busuanga Airport. The staff of the travel agency welcomed us with a lay made of sea shells. It was my first time to experience such a welcome and it felt so touristy =)  After checking our vouchers she led us to a van that would take us to Coron Eco Lodge.

Awesome Coron Island Escapade


Day 2 Coron Islands Journey ni Ikoy

It's our second day in Coron, I was watching the news while my roommate  was preparing for today's activity. According to the weather forecast it's going to be cloudy with scattered rain showers. I thought it's a good thing, our skin won't get burned but a bit worried because the waves might be rough.

Discovering Coron


When we went to Puerto Princesa Palawan (please see link puerto-princesa-palawan-march-2011 and i was there at puerto-princesa underground river) last year (2011) we were amazed by what we saw and promised ourselves that we should also see the other side of Palawan which is Coron Islands. According to wikipedia Coron Island is one of the Islands of Calamian group, the other islands are Busuanga, Culion & Calauit. Busuanga Island is the host of the largest city also named Coron. Culion Islands was known to be the host to a leper colony.  Calauit Island host an number of endangered African animal species while Colon Islands is known for having the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines.