Our family likes to find occasions for us to gather, be it a birthday, fiesta, school recognitions of nephews and nieces and homecomings are all reasons for us to meet. Food is never a problem because each family specially my Aunt's always brings their specialties during these times. My brother who was working in England went home for my Mom's 81st birthday and since he missed the beach my cousin booked this place so that the clan can gather again, even if we already saw each other during my Mom's birthday party a few days ago.

Seagrass Beach Resort is located at San Miguel Peñaplata, in the Island Garden City of Samal. Samal got it's name from the word "Isamal", they are the natives who first inhabited the island. Known as the largest resort city in the Philippines, Samal island is home to numerous beach resorts and marine reefs, and now has become the fastest growing tourist destination in Mindanao which is Samal's main source of income.

The resort may have got it's name because of the abundance of sea grass in the beach which were more visible when the water recedes very far. These sea grass may also be the reason why there's an abundant marine life that can be seen while snorkeling in the area during high tide. But if you cannot wait for the tide to go high you can just take a dip in the pool or dive on the sea at the end of the long bamboo bridge. The resort is located in a sloping terrain. Above is where the aiconditioned cottages were built and the swimming pool, while the hut and play area were place below near the beach line. There's a 24 hour canteen if you didn't bring a food with you and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Air-conditioned Cottages costing P2480 - P2950 with a maximum capacity of 6/pax
Swimming Pool Fee P100
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Small Kubo (1-5 pax) P500-, Medium Kubo (6-12 pax) P750, Large Kubo (13-20 pax) P950. The price is a little higher if you stay overnight at the Kubo
Floating Kubo P1000

Entrance fee: Day tour Adult - P80 Kids (11 yo & below) P40  Overnight: Adult P150  Kids - P80

We arrived at the resort early in the evening and while waiting for our cousins to arrived we started preparing dinner. They have a cooking area below at the beach ground so we have to bring everything we will be using because going up and down to get something you use for cooking can be tiring. Since we had 3 senior citizen Aunts with us, we just set up a table infront of the cottage and had dinner there.

I woke up very early in  the morning, my yellow labrador Bruno was with us and I wanted him to take a swim then later my cousins joined us at the beach. After breakfast we went to the pool and took a dip, other guest were still sleeping so we had pool for ourselves until it was time for lunch. We left the resort around 3:00 pm tired but happy. We really had a great day at Seagrass Beach Resort.

Brgy San Miguel, Peñaplata
Island Garden City of Samal
Contact No. +63 (082) 2240116 or 2840159



  1. For me, Samal Island holds the best beach resort philippines. I just love the island! :)

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  5. Very nice place... Ideal to for family outing... the ambiance of the scenery is pleasant, calm, and tranquil.

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  7. This resort is a paradise to visit even foreign tourists would love to go here and unwind. Another haven to close to nature.

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    Enjoy your vacation :)

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