A Wonderful Experience - Honesty in Action

Honesty has always been an admirable traits of an employee that when having one it will always reflect a positive impression about the place or business. Let me share with you this wonderful experience with the honest staff of Seagrass Beach Resort.

We stayed overnight at the resort to have our staff Christmas party, then left the following day around lunch time to have a short adventure at Hagimit Falls before going back to Davao City. I was already tired and exhausted when we got home and never bothered to check my things. Instead, I freshened up then went to bed for a short rest until I dozed off. I woke up around 6:00 pm got my bag to check my cellphone for incoming text messages. I was alarmed to learn that my cellphone was not there. I asked Dave to call the resort's booking office to report about the cellphone we unintentionally left at the resort. The lady on the other end told Dave that she will immediately call the resort to check about it. After the call, I again asked Dave to try calling my phone if someone will answer, I thought they might not notice it because I hanged the phone at the hut post near the electric outlet. When my phone rang, somebody immediately answered and told Dave that we left the phone at the resort.  The lady who answered said that they wanted to make a call at any number registered in the phone-book, but can't do it because my phone needs my password to unlock it. After the call Dave received a call from the resort's booking office and confirm that my phone was at the resort and that we can retrieve it any time at the resort. She said it will take a longer time waiting if we wanted to claim it at the booking office since the resort owner was not yet scheduled to visit the resort and have him bring the phone. 

We went back to the resort a few days after to claim it and was very thankful that the staff was honest and accommodating. Had it happened somewhere else, the one who got the phone could have disengaged the sim card and take the phone home. But not the staff of Seagrass Beach Resort, they are friendly, accommodating and most of all honest. I am highly recommending this resort. Kudos to Seagrass Beach Resort.

Below are some  photos of Seagrass Beach Resort, it's beauty is worth sharing for.


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