A Wonderful Experience - Honesty in Action

Honesty has always been an admirable traits of an employee that when having one it will always reflect a positive impression about the place or business. Let me share with you this wonderful experience with the honest staff of Seagrass Beach Resort.

Swim Bruno Swim!!!


Labradors are natural swimmers, their breed was known as St. John's Water Dog way back in the 16th century though had become extinct in the 1980's yet St. John's water dogs are the known ancestors of the modern retrievers. Labrador retrievers have webbed paws that are useful for what they were were originally breed for and that is to assist fishermen to retrieve fishing nets from the water, specially during cold seasons being a breed that can tolerate extreme cold waters.

HAGIMIT FALLS at Island Garden City of Samal

It could have been very enchanting have those cottages been built far from the water falls and the areas where the clear water was running.  Nevertheless it was a refreshing sight.



Our family likes to find occasions for us to gather, be it a birthday, fiesta, school recognitions of nephews and nieces and homecomings are all reasons for us to meet. Food is never a problem because each family specially my Aunt's always brings their specialties during these times. My brother who was working in England went home for my Mom's 81st birthday and since he missed the beach my cousin booked this place so that the clan can gather again, even if we already saw each other during my Mom's birthday party a few days ago.