Bruno . . . Stay . . . Come

My dog Bruno is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. When a friend asked me if I am interested to get a yellow lab litter, I was a little hesitant. I do not like a highly maintenance type of dog, considering my busy schedule, I might not be able to take good care of him. He convinced me that labs are actually suited for me. So what I did was read a lot about this breed before he was handed to us. 

Labrador Retriever is one of the most intelligent canine breed, they are highly trainable, extremely playful yet very loyal which made it a great family pet, great guide dog for the blind and great sporting dog. Some were even trained as drug search dog or bomb sniffing dog (just like Bruno's uncle). If they are properly trained it can be the best kind of pet you wanted it to be.

Training Bruno was not easy. At home we took a lot of time and patience correcting him and teaching him to have good manners. Even until now we do not stop giving him lessons to keep him active and stimulate his natural intelligence. 

We forgot to bring his favorite ball so what we did was walked/jog around the subdivision to warm up and at the same time find some thing that will interest Bruno. I found this empty plastic bottle and started kicking it while Bruno retrieved and gave it back to me. I was so glad he remembered what was taught to him last week. This time I taught Bruno to sit, stay, come and retrieve.
Giving Bruno a command to sit and stay. Keep his attention at the command and the plastic plastic bottle (the present object of his affection)
Slowly walking away from Bruno while repeatedly telling him to stay. When I reached the spot, I slowly lowered the plastic bottle, released it while keep telling Bruno to stay.
I've been teaching this to Bruno at home making him stay for 10 seconds and gradually to 20 seconds. This time I tried to make him stay for 30 seconds before calling him to come and retrieve the plastic bottle.
We run together back to the starting spot.
Reaching the starting spot, I told Bruno "good job"while petting him. I stopped using treat this time.
Labrador Retrievers are good natured, obedient and eager to please his master. Because of this nature Bruno won't stop his lessons even if he was already tired. I remember, we were already tired, so we sat on the chair to relax and Bruno after drinking his water, fetch the plastic bottle and gave it to me to throw. I knew he's already tired so I told Bruno to rest then put him on leash so he can relax.

Having Bruno around takes away a lot of stress I had at work. Spending time playing with him and even by merely walking with him not only giving us quality time together but helped me relax too.



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  3. that is one good and intelligent dog .. how i wish i could teach Happy the same discipline of staying for sometime in a spot. Nice training ...

  4. We have the same breed of dog. Labrador retrievers are really among the friendliest of dogs and also highly trainable.

  5. Long way to go Bruno! Keep up the good job !

    My hubby wish to have a labrador retriever but unfortunately, we have no huge space yet. Maybe, someday when there's enough room for this adorable canine.

  6. Good dog! Hehe... I would love to have a Labrador for my dad if not for our neighbor who hates the sound of a barking dog. It would have been a great companion for him with its characteristics

  7. You certainly look like you're having the time o your life teaching Bruno.

  8. Good job Bruno! I also fond of teaching our pet dogs basic commands like sit, stay, catch while they were puppies and they easily learn by turning the lessons into play. :) And they are Phil. K-9.

  9. What a nice dog name |Bruno". I teach also my dog such basic commands but it was ended when a heartless motorcycle driver hit my dog Jacky.

  10. Wow he is a good dog indeed, this reminds me of how my kids love dogs but we can't have a pet here at home, because of my asthma. But if we would decide to get a dog, I will choose Labrador, they seemed so trainable.

  11. I wonder how much is a Labrador nowadays? Bruno looks adorable!

  12. Wow, this is an awesome dog. Bruno is really great!

  13. ang galing.. my son loves dogs.. photos of dog.. since pets are not allowed where we live! great for you to have one!

  14. haha cute, especially the pictures when Bruno tired..

  15. Such a very nice way to relax! Too bad I can't own a pet even if I so wanted to - the size of my place just won't permit it.

  16. Lovely! If I'd be allowed to get a dog, I'll have a chowchow ot akita inu, the Lab is third on list, I'd have the chocolab :)