Fresh Catch Seafood at PUNONG RESTAURANT


Punong Restaurant is located somewhere between my beloved Panabo City and Tagum City, specifically at Barangay Bincungan, a place known for fish farms raising bangus (milkfish), tilapia, shrimps and crabs.  It is so easy to know that you are already near the place because of the abundant mangrove trees or we commonly call "Bakawan" lining at the brook along the highway. I didn't know that this place exist, my brother and mom saw it when they went to Tagum City and suggested that we have lunch at Punong Restaurant. It was more than an hour drive from Davao City and just 15 minutes drive from my mom's house in Panabo City. 

The restaurant was built within the 50 hectare fish pond owned by the Madayag family. The main restaurant was built with material of mostly wood and the roofing was of cogon grass. Tables and chairs were made of bamboo while decors hanging on its very high ceiling were rattan string formed into "puso" like shape. The ambiance was very refreshing as a light breeze gust gently around from all corners of the restaurant. The "punong" or fishpond supplies the restaurants specialties so diners are assured that seafood serve on their tables were fresh and deliciously cooked. We ordered the following dishes:

Tinolang Malasugi
Pinaputok na Tilapia
Tuna Kinilaw
Garlic Steamed Crab

A boardwalk runs across the fishpond that serves as walkway for the guest to have a leisurely walk while waiting for their food to be serve. There was also a fishing area so customers can take their luck to catch bangus (milkfish) and have it cooked the way they like. It's nice to know that in the midst of this humble place is a restaurant with good food, friendly staff and quality service. If you happen to be nearby, this place is worth visiting.

Barangay Bincungan, Tagum City


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  1. What a good and nice restaurant is this. How I wish I could go here. Thanks for sharing it.