Shivering in the Cold Genting Highlands Resort

From Batu Caves we then went to Genting Highlands Resort. It was already past lunch hour when we reached Genting Highlands Theme Park and at that point we were already starving. We immediately looked for a place to eat. Good thing Marybrown (Famous Chicken and Taters) was just inside a building besides the ticketing booth of the resort, so we went inside and immediately made our orders.

After lunch I immediately queued to buy us our tickets for the resort. There are three theme parks at Genting Highlands Resorts and these were Outdoor Theme Park (RM62), First World Indoor Theme Park (RM40) and Rain Forest Splash. We were also given an option to buy for All Parks at RM82. Since we only have a half day to spend at the resort, we decided to buy the Outdoor Theme Park ticket and then we'll just go inside and see the other parts of the Genting Highlands Resort

Genting Highlands otherwise known as Resorts World Genting, is a hill resort in Malaysia developed by Genting Group. It is nestled on a mountain peak (maximum elevation about 1,860 m) within the Titiwngsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. It is accessible by car from Kuala Lumpur in one hour, or also accessible by a cable car called Genting Skyway (3.38 km). (Source: Wikipedia)
The Ticket Booth behind us
Genting Highlands Resort open area
Behind us was "The Spinner"
The first ride we tried was the Spinner, then we tried the Monorail so my Mom can join us and see the whole park.  Then I convinced my Mom to join us on the Flying Dragon because the rails seems pretty simple (actually it's not).  After the ride I was concern my Mom will have high blood pressure, remember that she climb the 272 steps of Batu Caves earlier. The good thing was Karen (Dave's sister) was a nursing graduate and has been monitoring my Mom :)

While Mom and Karen was taking a rest, Dave and I queued at the Space Shot.  I am afraid of heights and this is not a ride of my dreams I don't know how Dave manage to convince me to join him. After we did the ride, I told them I will never never never gonna try that ride or similar to that ever again.  Even if my knees were still shaking we went to Dinosaur Land
The Space Shot

We walked around the park and passed by the Pirate Ship.  I told them to try the ride while I will just stay on the ground to look after our things. Besides, I am still shaking from the Space Shot ride.  The had a blast with the Pirate Ship. They can't believe that it can make them faint and test their bravery too. After the ride we went to First World Indoor Theme Park.  There were also several thrill rides inside, since we only paid for the Outdoor Park we just sort of looking around.  Karen haven't tried watching a 4D Movies so we went there then I bought 4 tickets and watched.  It was already 6:00p.m. when we finished watching the movie. We decided to take our dinner before going back to Kuala Lumpur.
The Pirate Ship

Genting Highlands weather is extremely cold since is located in the mountains, from time to time fog blankets the whole park. It will even rain some times and the resort is forced to stop running the rides. The cold freezing air and the thrill rides really made me shiver and tremble. But it didn't stopped us from enjoying this cold and foggy adventure park.

Even though  there was a little early misadventures, still we had a great time at Genting Highlands Resort. This place is a must visit when you get to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Pahang, Malaysia


  1. We've been there last week and haven't explore much the outdoor theme park. We just pig out in Cofee Terrace and enjoy the cold weather and chasing the fogs. :)

    1. Yes, the climate is really very cold and relaxing. If ever I will have a chance to go back there I will stay overnight and enjoy it's chilly breeze =)

  2. genting island ... cool .. have u been to legoland?

    1. No, I will do that when I travel again in Singapore, Lego Land is nearer Singapore than from KL =)