Regal Business Park Hotel (Cebu City)


While we were still in Bantayan Islands, I searched the net for an accommodation in Cebu City. It was in a blog that I was following that I came across with Regal Business Park Hotel (Cebu City). She gave a nice review in terms of location and  price, so I continued searching to find the hotel's contact number. I called the front desk and made reservations, the frontdesk staff said that he will check for room availability and will return my call later. Not very long after, I received a call and it was from the front desk staff confirming our reservations. It was very nice of them to accept reservations via phone without requiring an advance payment unlike other hotels.

After having lunch at Amigos (Sta Fe Bantayan Island) we immediately headed to Sta Fe Port for our trip back to Cebu City.  It was good I read a lot of blogs before I travel, and from that blog I read that when the ferryboat reached Hagnaya Port you have to run as fast as you can to get a seat in the bus or else you have to wait for the next bus which is about every 30 mins or an hour to arrive.  I did just that and we got a seat :)

We arrived at North Bus Terminal Cebu City at 6:00 pm.  We immediately took a taxi and asked the driver to take to Regal Business Park Hotel. When we arrived, I told the front desk that we already had reservations and the lady checked their records and confirmed our reservations.

We got the business room since there's 3 of us.  Luckily then have a promo for the month of February a 20% discount on all rooms.  After paying we immediately went to our room. The room was clean and spacious, it has 2 large bed, a refrigerator and a big window facing Ayala Center. We immediately drop our things and headed to Ayala Center Cebu.

Ayala Center Cebu was just infront of Regal Business Park Hotel. When we arrived at the mall there were so many people and most of the restaurants were full. We were already tired and starving that time, from the very long trip we had from Bantayan Islands, so we immediately search for a place to eat. We passed by Don Henricos and they have buffet dinner offering that night. Luckily we found a vacant table inside and finally we had dinner. It was very hot inside because their airconditioning was broken. We were perspiring while we were eating but we didn't mind it. We just want to eat and go back to the hotel to rest.

The following morning around 7:00 am we went down to have breakfast (our hotel accommodation includes free breakfast).  The choices are noodle soup (sotanghon), friend rice, fish paksiw (cooked in vinegar), meat loaf, cereals with milk, bread & butter & chicken congee.  There's not much choices but it surely taste decent.

After breakfast we packed our things and went to spend the whole day at Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort as planned.  Please see related post ( Waterpark Escapade at Imperial Palace ).

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  1. Affordable rates despite being in a business district. This hotel is a good recommendation.