Mythical Chocolate Hills of Bohol (Philippines)


When we think about Bohol what come's first of our minds were Chocolate Hills before we can think of other tourist attractions that can be found here. When I was in grade school, every time a teacher would lecture us about Philippine geography and Chocolate Hills was mentioned, I daydreamed that one day I can visit this place and eat all the chocolate hills that my hands can grab in Bohol. I really thought it was made of real chocolates =)

Dave and I hired the services of Jun Tambis (he is highly recommended by friends). He is actually working with a car rental company in Tagbilaran. Jun is not only a good driver, he knows Bohol by heart. No need to hire a tourist guide because Jun is better. He can endlessly tell you the history of Bohol in a funny, unboring and interesting way. So Jun fetch us from the hotel after breakfast and brought us straight to Chocolate Hills.

Do you know about the myth of Bohol's Chocolate Hills? As relayed by the storyteller, this myth has been passed on from generations to generations. According to the myth, there were two giants living in the island. They were best of friends until something happened that made them quarrel and engaged themselves in a fight. They got so mad at each other and started throwing mud balls, boulders and rocks at each other. The fight lasted for many days until they got too exhausted from fighting. They decided to part ways and left Bohol. The Boulders, rocks and mud got stuck with each other that formed into a hill which after thousands of year of wind and erosion has now become what it is now. The Chocolate Hills is a reminder to the Boholanos that there was two enormous creature that once live in Bohol Island Philippines.

We climb a steep stairs to the view-deck with several stop overs along the way. The climb was very tiring but once you are in the view deck and see the magnificent Chocolate Hills you will forget about the climb and will just be awed by the endless sight of those conical hills.

We really had a great time not only because we had a funny driver but also because finally another childhood dream came true. Sadly it's not really made of chocolates he he he he he =)

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  1. That's another myth of Chocolate Hills. The one I read in a PAL magazine that it is about a giant turtle and the hills were his spikes. Myths aside, the reality is that the chocolate hills are really beautiful.

  2. it looks like a fantasy area, like something out of wizard of oz or alice in wonderland.

  3. Next time I will visit my fathers land I will visit Bohol. Since Bohol is just near Matalom, Leyte.

  4. This is great! I've never been to Bohol so reading this makes me want to try travelling to this place.

  5. Myth is entertaining. It is based on legend which seems to be true. But whatever it is the story behind on such myth or legend has perfectly implanted to the minds of those who heard and in return they handed it to others, and so on and so forth.