Chilly Breeze of Buda


It was always our family tradition to celebrate New Year at an Aunts house in Panabo City, but we thought its about time to break it when me and my cousin was talking about spending the holiday at their rest house located at Buda (Davao-Bukidnon). My first thought was "how about Bruno My Lab?" our helper went home for the holiday and we can't just leave Bruno alone at home.  He has become part of our lives already that we feel guilty leaving him at home while we are having fun. "If only I have a car", I thought it won't be very hard to bring Bruno with us. Good thing my cousin's husband offered to fetch us and said Bruno can ride at the back of the pick-up. To make the story short, all of us were able to go to Buda and Dave and I were at the back of the pick-up with Bruno (Sobrang attached kay Bruno).

We reached the place after an hour and a half curvy drive. Since Buda is approximately 4500 ft above sea level, the temperature here is relatively cooler. Actually, it was already foggy when we arrived at the rest house. Bruno excitedly jump from the pick-up and started running around and peed at the garden. Maybe because it's a new place for him that's why he was marking a territory. After a while I placed Bruno on a leashed afraid that he will go very far and get lost. 

My mom, aunt and nephew was preparing our dinner while Jojo (my cousins husband) was setting up the sound system and TV for videoke later. Dave and I went upstairs to put our things and picked a spot to sleep.

After dinner we stayed outside and had fun talking with my nephew and nieces while waiting for midnight. Dave concocted a simple cocktail drink while I went inside to get some chips to keep us awake. When the clock stroke 12:00 we immediately blew our horns. Well in 2001 Davao City Government had imposed firecrackers and fireworks ban and we got used to celebrating New Year without it. Although here in Buda, there were few who manage to have fireworks display.

Morning jog with Bruno

I usually wake up around 5:30 in the morning for Bruno's toilet and morning jog schedule. and so that morning though very cold was no different. The backyard was quite large so I let Bruno run around off leash. We were also  able to play ball that morning. I was teaching him to retrieve the ball after I threw it and give it back to me. We had a great time playing until he got tired or was it me who got very tired of going after Bruno when he wont give the ball back to me =)

I place Bruno on leashed again and have him relax before giving him breakfast. My cousin, nieces, Aunt and Mom were already at the kitchen preparing breakfast. I had coffee first and did a leisure walk around the whole property and took some photos too. Below are some of the photos taken.

We went home after lunch smiling because we had a great New Year celebration with family and Bruno as well.

Note : I made this post because it "BER" month already and very soon we will be celebrating another New Year again and I like to spend it here  . . . . again =)


  1. nice place your cousin have... really relaxing and cool to the eyes. Yahweh bless.

  2. I absolutely LOOOOVE Buda! I always go there to relax and just be with nature!

    1. Yes, maganda ang climate very relaxing, nagpapahanap na nga ako ng property doon para pagretire ko dun nko titira =)

  3. Good day sir,

    Saan po kayo n resthauz nag stay s buda po? Whats d name of d place? Were looking for a place to stay po kasi sa buda.

    Thank you po