A Taste of LOBSTER

Lobster are so expensive that not everyone will have a chance to taste it. Most of the time it is serve at five star hotels or high end restaurants. Even I had thought that tasting lobster will remain a dream for the rest on my life.

My friends Dave, Robert, Wilven and I went to Coron Palawan last July 2012. I was excited to go because aside from the many islands that we will be visiting, I asked myself, Will I be able to taste lobster this time? Many said that it's cheaper in Coron because of the abundance of marine life in Coron Islands. Hmmmmm!!!

After the island hopping on our second day, Dave and I decided to walk around town and look for the place where we can buy cheap souvenir items. We passed by so many street and reach the wet market. We went inside and asked if they have lobster. I thought it would be cheaper to buy it fresh and have it cooked at the hotel's restaurant. But the seafood vendors said that lobster does not reach the market because it is shipped directly to Manila or Cebu or even overseas. (Sigh)

While walking back to the hotel, we happened to passed by a Korean Restaurant with a menu board displayed outside that says "Garlic Chilli Lobster". We went inside and asked how much per order but to our dismay they ran out of lobster already. (sigh, sigh) The waitress was so friendly and suggested that we go to the port area and look for the place where they sell fresh sea-foods. She said, if we are lucky, we can possibly buy there and have it cooked in their restaurant for a fee =)   Since it was late already I answered her .... maybe tomorrow . . . . . which we did.

This Lobster cost P3000 per kilo and this big is almost P10K already
This size cost P700 per kilogram
Lobster in Garlic-Chilli Sauce
After 45 minutes of waiting it was finally laid down to our table. Like children, we excitedly grab a slice after the other. It taste really good. The meat is sweet, tender and juicy and tasted similar to prawn but much better than prawn. It was cooked with garlic chilli sauce that further enhance the flavor of the lobster. It didn't take very long to consume a kilo of lobster.

After dinner, all I can say was . . . . . . hmmmmmmm . . . . . . . .  BURP!!!

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  1. I love seafood! And lobster is kinda pricey. The last I had a lobster dish was when I was in Boracay almost a yr ago. haha!I would normally settle for sugpo instead as they are cheaper.

  2. Hi Ness, I had been longing to taste lobster since the beginning of time (he he he he) this time we bought the small size because it's cheaper, though we took a deep breath and closed our eyes when we bought it =)

  3. Nakakaingit naman. Love to eat seafoods kaya lang bawal sa akin.

  4. what a big lobster that is, i guess the price is really out of our league. But that's really yummy.

  5. lobster!!! your post made me drool!! i miss eating this.. ang mahal naman kasi :(