Enchanted Hinatuan River. Why am I not bewitched by this place?


During the planning a few months back, we agreed to leave Davao City early. But a few days before the actual trip it was changed to 4:00 a.m. thinking that there's nothing to do at Enchanted River if we arrive very early. Our meeting place was at Mc Donalds Damosa Davao City, the first to arrive was my officemate Ydapie while Dave and I was the third to arrive. Not very long after everyone was there (21 pax). We rented 2 vans and one of our companion brought his own car, we left around 4:25 am. Cruising through Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley and Agusan del Sur we arrived at San Francisco Agusan del Sur at around  7:00 a.m. and made a short stop for breakfast.

Our journey continued after having our breakfast and about an hour later we reach Hinatuan. Enchanted River is located 13 kilometers of extremely rough and bumpy road from the highway. Tired and suffering from back pains still everyone can't hide the excitement.

Finally we arrived Enchanted River, we were surprised to see pool of people in the area or should I say oceans of people. Vehicles (tourist & private) kept on arriving. All the cottages and tables are filled while others was just laying some mats on the ground under the trees and some was just holding their umbrellas for shade. Even if the place was already cramp still they keep on accepting visitors. The entrance fee by the way was P30/pax.

We manage to squeeze our way in and tried to find a place that can accommodate our group.  To our dismay, there was none. After taking a few photos, we decided to leave. Total time spent at Enchanted River was 30 minutes.

In my own opinion, you can enjoy Enchanted River under the following conditions:
  • 1. Avoid going there during holidays or weekends, it surely gets overcrowded.
  • 2. Be there really early. We arrived around 8a.m. and its was already filled up.
  • 3. Do bring your own tables, mats & umbrella in case you wanted to stay longer.
  • 4. Be ready to be drowned by river of people.  I named the place Enchanted River of People during this trip.
  • 5. Be ready to be disappointed and be quick to decide where to go next just in case we have the same experience.

Crowd waiting to be accommodated
Arriving cars queuing to unload their passengers

After the disappointment, the group decided to transfer to another planned location Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Surigao del Sur. It took us some time before we were able to leave the place because cars keeps on coming in and there was no one monitoring the traffic. I think whoever is managing Enchanted River must take into consideration the following:

  • 1. Maximum number of people to be accommodated inside the park
  • 2. Monitor inflow and outflow of vehicles.
  • 3. Provide large space for parking area away from the entrance.
  • 4. Not allow vehicles to park at the side of the entrance and along the road in-front of the entrance.

This is just a suggestion, I just like people to say "It's more fun in Enchanted River" =)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah Cris, if you wanted to enjoy Enchanted River take my advice above =)

  2. I'd been at Hinatuan last June and I experienced riding their boat sponsored by unknown group of barkada...hahaha...we don't know each other but they pay our boat rent....

  3. i was lucky sir when we had our first visit there with my husband's family that we were the first van to arrive. it was at 6am then, departing from davao city at 12 mn. the river was very still and undisturbed without anyone swimming on it yet.

    1. That is so nice Che, now I am thinking of going back there some time to enjoy it =)

  4. naks kaanindut ba ani nga dapit.