Enticing Tinuy-an Falls

The Majestic Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Philippines
We went to Bislig Surigao del Sur to see the famous Tinuy-an Falls. I have read so much about this place in blogs and saw many photos on FB, now I am ready to be awed. 

Bislig is known to be the "Booming City by the Bay" and its main  tourist attraction is Tinuy-an Waterfalls. The falls is about 95 meters wide and 55 meters deep and is being dubbed to be the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. Aside from being the widest waterfalls in the Philippines, this white water curtain flows in three levels, and its unique and majestic natural formation has made Tinuy-an Falls to be the best waterfalls in the Philippines.

From the concrete highway we entered a dusty dirt road approximately 14 km until we reach Barangay Borboanan where Tinuy-an Falls is located. We paid P50 for the entrance and just a short walk from the entrance BEHOLD!!! The Majestic Tinuy-an Falls is dancing gracefully for us. 

We were awed by the view infront of us. It took a while before we returned to our senses. We decided to find a cottage to sit and place our things. It was lunch time already when we arrived there. Finding a place to buy food was not really hard. There are vendors inside selling chicken, fish and pork to be cook at your own liking for 250/kg. Quite expensive but we have no choice, we didn't bring anything for lunch because the original plan is to have lunch at Enchanted River, but it didn't happen.

While waiting for our food, we sit at the cottage to relax. Our cottage was located near the falls so some went around to explore and took some photos. While others planned how to spend the few hour we will be there. At the right side of the falls you will find a stairs to reach the upper level of the falls. Water level that time must be low so moving around was not very hard.

Right after lunch Dave and I went at the upper level to take some photos. Since water level is low, we were able to walk at the center without being carried away by the current. At this point I am able to go near the walls to bath at the falling waters. 

Note: During high water level, they will not allow guest to do this and that is when Tinuy-an Falls look like Niagara Falls.

We spend a few hour there before heading for San Agustin Surigao del Sur. We will be staying overnight there for our Britania Islands Tour the following day.



  1. Wow,such a lovely body of water... hope to feel the falls too one day...

  2. The falls is really magnificent and it's really wide and have even steps for a great photo opportunity.

  3. *Jawdrop* I wanna get drenched there! Very majestic!

  4. They say that it's best to visit Tinuy-an during the rainy season. Rainy season gives visitors the best view, but not not so much on the accessibility.

  5. How I wish I could visit that place. So relaxing.

  6. Tagal ko na binalak pumunta dito, dunno bakit hindi matuloy-tuloy:) This falls is largest in the Country that's why they called it as little Niagara

  7. Wow! I never knew that we have that beautiful water falls in our country! I hope this will be preserved and promoted for tourism by the government.

  8. This is such a wonderful sight! I have never seen falls in real life, this could be an exciting experience.

  9. Great photo shots! I really enjoyed them.

  10. welcome to Surigao del Sur. am proud of this place as I work here in the "nearby " area. You should see the Tinuy-an Falls a day after a heavy rain as it pours generous amount of water that you wont see a thing because of the mist .. amazing .

  11. WOW!!!
    This falls just amazed me.
    BEAUTIFUL indeed and Bookmarked the page
    for future reference. I would love to see
    this up close. I never knew about this
    TINUY-AN FALLS until I read your post.

  12. I'm definitely putting Surigao Del Sur in my provinces to visit next year (along with Davao). I swear.. your photos have simply captivated my wandering feet! :)

  13. I kinda missed taking a dip and some splash in a falls like that. I hope I could visit the place someday. ^_^

  14. WOW! Ang ganda ,this is such a beauty. one of the Philippines pride. Sadly ,hindi lang nabibigyan ng pansin ng Turismo at hindi naipopromote sa ibang bansa, inuuna kasi ang corruption.

  15. OMG! This is a really beautiful falls.
    Breathtaking utmost!
    I've covered many falls, but looks like this one would top it all.
    I would love to get there as well.