Dream World - Bangkok Thailand


We were fetched by our tour guide around 9:00 am.  It was our 2nd day in Bangkok and our schedule was tour at Dream World. Again it was a long travel, cruising along the expressway and passing in some congested area.  We arrived at Dream World after almost an hour, indeed traffic in Bangkok is quite frustrating :(

Dream World is an amusement park. It is a place for children, the young and the young at heart. I was too excited to go in because it was my first time to be in a big amusement park.  Yes, we don't have amusement park in Davao City. They have plenty of rides, shows, shops and restaurants.  Obviously, we were not there to rest. It's a place to release your energy, enjoy and let go.

We first tried the cable car to see the aerial view of the whole park. My mom and I had fun riding the cable car. We saw that they have plenty of thrill rides there.  When our cable ride ended, we tried the Sightseeing Trail and the Mono Rail to see the other side of the park. Dream World has different areas: Adventure Land, Fantasy Land & Dream Garden




Walking around can be entertaining and amazing. Passing through the Love Garden, Fairy Tales Land, Haunted Mansion, Grand Canyon, Seven Wonders of the World, Dreamy Garden etc can be both tiring and exciting. Lunch was included in the package. Costing only $45, one can enjoy trying all the rides and enter inside the theme park.  I also discovered that if you have the tourist sticker, like the one sticking on our shirt, you will be given priority on the rides. I learned this when me & my mom queued for the Space Mountain ride. We were called to go ahead of the others in the queue. And yes, my mom survived the Space Mountain Roller Coaster, I didn't know it was a roller coaster and I realized my mom could possibly have a high blood pressure. After that, I didn't gather enough courage to try the other thrill rides like Spider, Hurricane & Sky Coaster.

We were told that we have to be at the information booth by 3:30 pm for the coaster back to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel around 5:00 pm (still because of the traffic) tired and exhausted. I have to make a quick change of shirt and head on to the shopping mall to buy a few stuff. My mom was so tired already and so I booked her to a Thai Massage at a spa in the hotel. She enjoyed the massage and convinced me to try it.


  1. aha may Dream World pala sa Bangkok! Di ko alam yun.. hehe. NIce place, hope to visit this place too, looks like fun!;)

  2. Oh, you should visit Shenzhen's Window of the World. It's similar to Dream World Bangkok, but bigger and more sites! :)

  3. First time to hear about dream world in Bangkok and the place has a lot of great displays and attraction.

  4. i agree that bangkok is too busy somtimes it wll irritate you naturally especially to those people who wants to stay away from manila they dont that bangkok is very one than manila i love all the photos been to thailand many times already as we have friends there xx

  5. another theme park to go to... i'm sure my kids would enjoy it here... gotta save money and i hope someday we could also visit the place. Yahweh bless.