Lunch at Mactan's Famous SU-TU-KIL

We arrived at Mactan International Airport a little past 10:00am.  Our friend Emily was already waiting for us at the arrival area, her flight from Manila was ahead of us for 2 hours.  I immediately went out of the arrival area to meet our Cebu friends Orlee & Jakayel who fetched us at the airport.

I told Orlee that we haven't explored Mactan yet because everytime we are here we always stay or proceed immediately to Cebu City.  Since it was still early we took a taxi and went to see Lapu-lapu Shrine and also try the famous SUTUKIL Restaurants which is just beside the park.


Lapu-Lapu Shrine is a bronze statue erected in Punta Engaño in honor of Datu Lapu-lapu, a native leader who killed the Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan and defeated the Spanish Soldiers on 1521.

Emily, me and Dave


The Magellan shrine is a large memorial tower located in Punta Engaño, erected in honor of Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese Explorer killed by Datu Lapu-lapu in 1521 during the "Battle of Mactan". This was believed to be the spot where Magellan was killed
Dave with our friends Orly and Jakayel


When we arrived at the place we were the first customers. Orly said that locals and tourist most often comes here at night, and it gets very crowded. Orly and I went to the counter to choose what we like among the varieties of seafoods. I wanted to order everything but I doubt if we can eat all of it, that was why we only ordered about a kilo & half  Tangigue fish and 3 pieces of squid and had it prepared in different ways.  

The fish was cooked SUgba (grilled), TUla (stew) & KILaw (raw), that was how the seafood was prepared where they also got the famous word "SUTUKIL".  The squid was cooked in a sizzling plate while the other half was cooked adobaw (adobong may sabaw) style.

Squid Adobaw
Sizzling Squid

We read so much about it in the papers, blogs and it was even featured so many times on TV and so we were all excited to taste the food and expecting it to be really good.  I first tried the fish stew and it was a bit salty, fortunately the fish was cooked just at the right texture so I can let it pass.  My disappointment quickly vanished when I tasted the squid adobaw, it was really good.  The saltiness of the soy and sweetness of sugar blended well with the many spices in it.  The sizzling squid was tender and tasted good with the stuffings (tomatoes, onions etc).  Emily loves to eat kinilaw and she must have enjoyed it with the guso (seaweeds) salad. We had a great time during lunch not only because the food was satisfying but also because we were able to see our Cebu friends who were so hospitable of their time.

After lunch, Orlee's father fetched us from the restaurant to take us to North Bus Terminal where we will be taking a bus to Hagnaya Port for our trip to Bantayan Island.  Please see related post ( Escape and Adventure at Bantayan Island )

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