3rd National Davao Dog Summit Fun Run

Dave and Bruno getting ready for the 4K run :)
The alarm rang at 4:30 am, I have to move fast because the call time was at 5:00 am.  Bruno immediately got up as soon as I turned on the lights, he moves a little slow because it was not his wake up time or toilet time yet but he has no other choice but to start moving.  I led him at the back yard so he can drink water or at least try to do his toilet before we head on to Peoples Park Davao to join the 3rd National Davao Dog Summit where Dave and Bruno will be participating in 4K Fun Run.

Dave, Paul & Christine with their best friends
It was still dark when we reached the park,  our friend Paul was already there with Bruno's mom Carrot and Christine our friends at LRFCD or Labrador Retriever Fun Club of Davao.  Plenty of participants with their pets was already there and it was fun seeing pets and owners socializing.

We learned about the fun run through our friend Paul, and also, Dr. Cris Lao of  The Ark Veterinary Clinic posted an announcement in our group LRFCD facebook account. After learning about the event we went to the clinic Thursday to register and Dr. Cris a good natured, friendly and enthusiastic lady was there. She was the one who personally entertained our registration.  By the way Dr Cris and husband Dr. Ken Lao is the owner of Phil Grand Champion Sunshadow Wiggy at Babypaws - Bruno's grand dad.

The fun run has 4 categories and these are : 2K - small breed, 4K - large breed, 8K - open category & 2K - family fun run with their pets.  The first to go was the 8K followed by 4K, then 2K small breeds and the last group was the family fun run.  All the participants excitedly queued when the call to start was announced.

After the race Bruno and Dave was dead tired but still very enthusiastic in mingling with other participants. Bruno may not be one of the winners but we are so proud that he finished the 4K race.  Dave told me that he (Bruno) never stopped running or walking unlike the other participants pets who sat down at the middle of the race and refused to move on :))

Paul with Carrot - Bruno's Mom
Bruno after the race
Photo with fellow LRFCD members
Some of the other participants of the fun run

Shy Lady
The Makulits
Angry Dog - he never stops barking at other dogs :)
Bruno making friends
The 3rd National Davao Dog Summit was organized by The Ark Veterinary Clinic, ABS-CBN MagTV Na Sadya Ta program (a local TV program in Davao).  There's also a Dog Agility Competition at 3:00 pm March 10 & 11 also at Peoples Park.  I will be watching this tomorrow.  I learned that participants from Manila, Cebu & other places came for the competition.

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