Dog Agility Competition (All Breed)

3rd National Davao Dog Summit - Dog Agility Competition
A few months ago I watched a movie Marley & Me The Puppy Years twas one feel good movie especially to us dog lovers.  I have lots of favorite scene in the movie.  It may just be fiction, yet it dealt a lot with the temperaments and traits of labs and I just couldn't help saying  "yeah, sure like Bruno". And because of this movie I became interested in having Bruno trained, though till now I haven't found a trainer yet.

3rd National Davao Dog Summit Fun Run

Dave and Bruno getting ready for the 4K run :)
The alarm rang at 4:30 am, I have to move fast because the call time was at 5:00 am.  Bruno immediately got up as soon as I turned on the lights, he moves a little slow because it was not his wake up time or toilet time yet but he has no other choice but to start moving.  I led him at the back yard so he can drink water or at least try to do his toilet before we head on to Peoples Park Davao to join the 3rd National Davao Dog Summit where Dave and Bruno will be participating in 4K Fun Run.

Craving for Patatim @ AHFAT Seafoods Plaza


Suddenly I am craving for "Patatim" and was asking friends where I can order or have this craving satisfied. Somebody told me that Ahfat's patatim is good and so I asked my friend Dave to go and have dinner with me.