CNT Lechon of Cebu

It's our last day in Cebu, our friend Emily left for Manila already and Dave and I have nothing to do anymore and so we decided to spend the day at SM City Cebu.  We also wanted to try their famous Cebu lechon (roast pig) and CNT Lechon is just nearby SM. Good thing about staying at Regal Business Park Hotel was a jeepney (public ride) terminal going anywhere in Cebu was just nearby. So we asked the front desk what route should we take in going to SM City. We went immediately to the jeepney terminal located across the street before reaching Ayala Mall. It wasn't really hard to find what jeepney to take because it has small signages naming their route and there were also "barkers" (a man who calls passengers by shouting) around telling where to go. The ride took a few minutes, then we alighted at SM City. 


It was lunch time already when we reached SM City so we asked the guard where CNT Lechon is located and he politely pointed us where to go. We entered a building and I find it weird because when we entered it was a parking lot, only to find out after a while that we have to go to the 2nd floor to find the restaurant.The restaurant was full and there was a long queue on the counter. This is a self-service restaurant by the way. I told Dave to queue and make the order while I will look for a table for us. 

When we arrived Cebu a few days back, we asked our Cebu friends where we can taste the famous Cebu Lechon and they recommended this place. That's why when we came back from Bantayan Islands we went looking for it. First night we went to Ayala Center and searched for CNT Lechon counter, unfortunately it was sold out when we reached the counter. On our second night, from Crown Regency we went to Robinsons Mall and again serched for CNT Lechon but there was none. Sigh =(

Many said that CNT Lechon is the tastiest lechon and I even read from the reviews that their lechon is heaven. At the airport I saw many boxes of lechon being checked-in by tourist. Hmmmmm then it must be really good.

Our order finally arrived, I think combining the time when Dave queued until the food was delivered to our table took longer than our jeepney ride from Ayala to SM City. I tried the skin first and it was crunchy but not very crunchy. The meat was tender and the taste was ok. The dinuguan was also ok. My verdict, it was good but not great comparing from what I've read.

I have tasted better at the many lechon houses in my beloved Davao City. Maybe I should go around Davao City and make a review about our lechon. There's Lechoneros, Porky Best, Eden's Lechon & Porkitos just to name a few. But before I do that, I should get a doctor's clearance first =)

I just couldn't understand how it became famous or even featured so many times on TV programs that tourist are crazy to buy a whole lechon to bring back home.  The taste was ok but I have tasted better at the many lechon houses in Davao.  Maybe I should go around Davao City and write about our lechon there.  But before doing that I should get a doctors clearance first :)


  1. you should really taste rico's lechon. it's probably the best in cebu, and even a lot of celebrities and politicians patronize it. try the spicy one though. :)

  2. Do you have any recommendations on better lechon restaurant to eat in Davao?

  3. I would like to know where is the best place to eat lechon in Davao?