A Wonderful Experience - Honesty in Action

Honesty has always been an admirable traits of an employee that when having one it will always reflect a positive impression about the place or business. Let me share with you this wonderful experience with the honest staff of Seagrass Beach Resort.

Swim Bruno Swim!!!


Labradors are natural swimmers, their breed was known as St. John's Water Dog way back in the 16th century though had become extinct in the 1980's yet St. John's water dogs are the known ancestors of the modern retrievers. Labrador retrievers have webbed paws that are useful for what they were were originally breed for and that is to assist fishermen to retrieve fishing nets from the water, specially during cold seasons being a breed that can tolerate extreme cold waters.

HAGIMIT FALLS at Island Garden City of Samal

It could have been very enchanting have those cottages been built far from the water falls and the areas where the clear water was running.  Nevertheless it was a refreshing sight.



Our family likes to find occasions for us to gather, be it a birthday, fiesta, school recognitions of nephews and nieces and homecomings are all reasons for us to meet. Food is never a problem because each family specially my Aunt's always brings their specialties during these times. My brother who was working in England went home for my Mom's 81st birthday and since he missed the beach my cousin booked this place so that the clan can gather again, even if we already saw each other during my Mom's birthday party a few days ago.

Fresh Catch Seafood at PUNONG RESTAURANT


Punong Restaurant is located somewhere between my beloved Panabo City and Tagum City, specifically at Barangay Bincungan, a place known for fish farms raising bangus (milkfish), tilapia, shrimps and crabs.  It is so easy to know that you are already near the place because of the abundant mangrove trees or we commonly call "Bakawan" lining at the brook along the highway. I didn't know that this place exist, my brother and mom saw it when they went to Tagum City and suggested that we have lunch at Punong Restaurant. It was more than an hour drive from Davao City and just 15 minutes drive from my mom's house in Panabo City. 

Bruno . . . Stay . . . Come

My dog Bruno is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. When a friend asked me if I am interested to get a yellow lab litter, I was a little hesitant. I do not like a highly maintenance type of dog, considering my busy schedule, I might not be able to take good care of him. He convinced me that labs are actually suited for me. So what I did was read a lot about this breed before he was handed to us. 

Dimsum Power Breakfast

After Bruno's exercise and play at Davao Riverfront we rested for a while. Bruno was literally "dog tired" that time. We were supposed to drove back home when we realized that we were hungry.  I was driving around downtown to look for a place to have breakfast but it's either me or Dave doesn't like the places we passed by. We decided to go to Damosa Gateway to see if there are diners already opened at that time.

Fetch the Ball Bruno!

Behind is the picturesque view of Mt Apo.
Most of the time Bruno gets to run around in the evening, inside the compound, when all the other renters were inside there rooms or units. We would take Bruno off leashed in the driveway and have him run around or do a fetch the ball game until he's tired. When we do our morning walks he is usually on a leash. Bruno is a big dog and people are likely to be afraid of him not knowing that he is such an adorable and loving companion labrador retriever.

What's So Glamourous About Eating Crabs? Crab Buffet at Glamour

When we think of the word glamour we always connect this word with clothes, modeling and photography. But this is not what its all about. Somewhere in Davao City is a restaurant named Glamour Resto and Caterer and they offer a crab all you can eat buffet.

Rain or Shine its Fun Run for Bruno

It was raining hard last night and until I woke up at 4:00 am it was raining still. I was already thinking of not going but seems Bruno knows we'll be participating in Merco Anniversary Fun Run 2012. Bruno was already awake and excited when I went out of the room, so I recited . . .

"rain rain go away come again another day, my lab Bruno wants to play"

Sumo Sam for Wrestler's Appetite

Saturday, it was already day 3 of SM Lanang Premier. Last night was not so fun because as I've said in my previous post we were almost drowned by oceans of people so we went back the following day to do our grocery. We went there in the morning around 10:00 a.m. thinking that there will be less people, but I was wrong. Maybe they too thought the same. It was not overcrowded as last night though.

La Comida Deliciosa de Hola España

SM Lanang Premier opened to the public on the second day after the Grand Opening Ceremony on Sept. 27, 2012 graced by exclusively invited guest. Anyway, on its second day I went there after office to have a glance of the new mall. The traffic congestion was terrible (just like in Bangkok) and the taxi driver has to go around to find an easier way. He has to go back to Cabaguio St. and try the narrow streets at the back of Assumption College which was far longer way with less traffic. When we finally arrived at the mall, we were almost drowned by oceans of people. It was extremely overcrowded, but it never stopped us to go around and checked what new things this mall can offer.

Savory Grill of Ranchero

I am astound by how convenient dining out here in Davao City has become. With the spring up of new malls, vacant properties converted into arcades, renovations of old commercial buildings and even old houses transformed into restaurants there were now many places to choose. Not only that, restaurants and fastfood chains which we only heard to be in Manila or abroad were now here franchised by Davaoeño businessmen or brought in by new investors from other places. 

VERDEBarr, Sausage, Salad and Special

Finally Dave and I found it, standing along Torres St. Davao City. A few month ago, when the 3rd floor of G-Mall Davao was undergoing renovations, Dave and I was looking where they transferred. We were regulars of this place because we have favorite dish that we never fail to order before ordering a new dish.

Fun Run with BRUNO my Lab 2012


Here it is again, Merco's Annual Anniversary Fun Run 2012. It wasn't very long ago when Bruno did his very first fun run (and mine) last year. Though he did not win but at least he finished the race without stopping.  Last Thursday, Dave and I passed by Merco at Bolton St Davao City and saw the tarpaulin announcing this year's fun run event. Merco hold this event every year and the owners being pet lovers themselves always includes "Walk/Jog with your Pet" in the category which is mostly participated by dog owners and lovers. Merco opened the registration last August 17, 2012 and fun run enthusiast with pets should register early if they wanted to participate because there are only limited number of entries in this category.

French Bread and Pasta at Cafe France Davao


They are finally open at Gaisano Mall's "The Peak". It wasn't very long ago when Dave and I was strolling at The Peak and notice construction going on in a corner spot. I thought hmmmm another restaurant, "what could it be?" 

Patti's Grill and Seafood Restaurant


It was another lazy night for us, lazy to cook dinner so we decided to go downtown and try another restaurant in the new found place called The Brick Lane Square located at Palma Gil St. Bo. Obrero Davao City. It was upon the recommendations of an officemate that we discovered this place, and I was not aware that this property was developed into an new place to hang-out in Davao City.

The Beautiful Britania Islands


I set my alarm at 4:30 a.m., I got up as soon as heard it and prepared my things. I then went out to go to the restaurant to have coffee, my two companions was already there making final arrangement for the island hopping trip to Britania Islands. Not very long after others arrived excited and with renewed energy to explore the Islands of Britania.

Enticing Tinuy-an Falls

The Majestic Tinuy-an Falls Bislig Philippines
We went to Bislig Surigao del Sur to see the famous Tinuy-an Falls. I have read so much about this place in blogs and saw many photos on FB, now I am ready to be awed. 

Enchanted Hinatuan River. Why am I not bewitched by this place?


During the planning a few months back, we agreed to leave Davao City early. But a few days before the actual trip it was changed to 4:00 a.m. thinking that there's nothing to do at Enchanted River if we arrive very early. Our meeting place was at Mc Donalds Damosa Davao City, the first to arrive was my officemate Ydapie while Dave and I was the third to arrive. Not very long after everyone was there (21 pax). We rented 2 vans and one of our companion brought his own car, we left around 4:25 am. Cruising through Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley and Agusan del Sur we arrived at San Francisco Agusan del Sur at around  7:00 a.m. and made a short stop for breakfast.

Surviving The Adventures in Coron Island


Day 3 Journey ni Ikoy in Coron Islands

The beauty of Coron is not found in the city, it is in the surrounding islands. With its white sand beaches, clear pristine waters, lakes (considered the cleanest in the country), lagoons, black marble cliffs and very hospitable & friendly locals, among the places I've been nothing can compare with the beauty of Coron. This tour was really an adventure.


Unpretentious Dining in Coron
Crabs with chili sauce
Lifestyle in Coron being an island and far from the main cities of the Philippines is still very simple and provincial. If not having an airport, seaport and  for the tourist (local & foreign) who visits Coron this island could have remained isolated from the rapid developments that is happening in the Philippines. But because of the detached location of Coron Islands, commercialization was slow and it's a good thing because it preserved Coron's God given natural beauty.

A Taste of LOBSTER

Lobster are so expensive that not everyone will have a chance to taste it. Most of the time it is serve at five star hotels or high end restaurants. Even I had thought that tasting lobster will remain a dream for the rest on my life.

At Home @ Coron Eco Lodge


We immediately went to the booth of Calamian Islands Travel and Tours when we arrived at Busuanga Airport. The staff of the travel agency welcomed us with a lay made of sea shells. It was my first time to experience such a welcome and it felt so touristy =)  After checking our vouchers she led us to a van that would take us to Coron Eco Lodge.

Awesome Coron Island Escapade


Day 2 Coron Islands Journey ni Ikoy

It's our second day in Coron, I was watching the news while my roommate  was preparing for today's activity. According to the weather forecast it's going to be cloudy with scattered rain showers. I thought it's a good thing, our skin won't get burned but a bit worried because the waves might be rough.

Discovering Coron


When we went to Puerto Princesa Palawan (please see link puerto-princesa-palawan-march-2011 and i was there at puerto-princesa underground river) last year (2011) we were amazed by what we saw and promised ourselves that we should also see the other side of Palawan which is Coron Islands. According to wikipedia Coron Island is one of the Islands of Calamian group, the other islands are Busuanga, Culion & Calauit. Busuanga Island is the host of the largest city also named Coron. Culion Islands was known to be the host to a leper colony.  Calauit Island host an number of endangered African animal species while Colon Islands is known for having the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines.

Dog Conformity Competition - Bruno's 1st

Bruno with teacher & handler Narding
CCSMI (Canine Club of Southern Mindanao Inc) is an affiliate of PCCI (Phil. Canine Club Inc.) held an All Breed Championship Dog Show last June 23 and 24, 2012 at Victoria Plaza Mall in Davao City. The show was held under the rules and regulations of the Philippine Canine Club Inc.

Bruno My Lab Turns 1


Time fly so fast.  It wasn't very long ago when Bruno was handed to us and now he is turning one (human) year old.  Since the actual birth date is on May 29, 2012 we celebrated it in advance by meeting at Victoria Plaza Davao parking lot.  Most of  Bruno's brothers & sister's owners (like us) were working full time, so Paul thought Sunday will be a good day to meet.  Sadly only Bruno, Rohan & Pumpkin made it to celebrate.

Dog Agility Competition (All Breed)

3rd National Davao Dog Summit - Dog Agility Competition
A few months ago I watched a movie Marley & Me The Puppy Years twas one feel good movie especially to us dog lovers.  I have lots of favorite scene in the movie.  It may just be fiction, yet it dealt a lot with the temperaments and traits of labs and I just couldn't help saying  "yeah, sure like Bruno". And because of this movie I became interested in having Bruno trained, though till now I haven't found a trainer yet.

3rd National Davao Dog Summit Fun Run

Dave and Bruno getting ready for the 4K run :)
The alarm rang at 4:30 am, I have to move fast because the call time was at 5:00 am.  Bruno immediately got up as soon as I turned on the lights, he moves a little slow because it was not his wake up time or toilet time yet but he has no other choice but to start moving.  I led him at the back yard so he can drink water or at least try to do his toilet before we head on to Peoples Park Davao to join the 3rd National Davao Dog Summit where Dave and Bruno will be participating in 4K Fun Run.

Craving for Patatim @ AHFAT Seafoods Plaza


Suddenly I am craving for "Patatim" and was asking friends where I can order or have this craving satisfied. Somebody told me that Ahfat's patatim is good and so I asked my friend Dave to go and have dinner with me.

American Dining at Casa Verde (Cebu)

Its our last day in Cebu, since we were really tired from our Bantayan Island Trip and Waterpark Adventure in Cebu the past days, we decided to spend the whole morning sleeping and check out at noon. After we checked out, we left our luggage's at the front desk then went to spend the rest of the afternoon at Ayala Mall until its time to go to the airport for our flight back to Davao.  We met our friend Orlee at the Mall and had lunch at Casa Verde.

Casa Verde is a family owned restaurant and one of Cebu's popular dining destinations. Though the interior looks like with a fine dining setting yet the overall ambiance was casual and relax. Great food, quality service, reasonable price and comfortable atmosphere were apparent in this American style dining restaurant.

These wer what we had for lunch at Casa Verde
  • A refreshing combination of watermelon cubes, served over crisp lettuce, mango strips, jicama and nuts, drizzled with our sesame-seed dressing.

    • Tender white fish fillet breaded and golden fried to perfection. Served with tartar sauce and French fries.
  • If you taste me youʼll never forget me... Our best seller! Baked pork ribs with a sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with rice and corn and carrots.


  • Eight would be great if you ate... Delicious butterflied and lightly crusted in breadcrumbs and fried ʻtil golden. Served with our own tartar sauce paired with harvest rice and seasoned vegetables.


    We had a nice time during lunch.  Not only do we get the time to bond with our friend but also enjoy the generous serving at Casa Verde. 

    Stall 304, 3rd level, The Terraces
    Ayala Center Cebu
    Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

    CNT Lechon of Cebu

    It's our last day in Cebu, our friend Emily left for Manila already and Dave and I have nothing to do anymore and so we decided to spend the day at SM City Cebu.  We also wanted to try their famous Cebu lechon (roast pig) and CNT Lechon is just nearby SM. Good thing about staying at Regal Business Park Hotel was a jeepney (public ride) terminal going anywhere in Cebu was just nearby. So we asked the front desk what route should we take in going to SM City. We went immediately to the jeepney terminal located across the street before reaching Ayala Mall. It wasn't really hard to find what jeepney to take because it has small signages naming their route and there were also "barkers" (a man who calls passengers by shouting) around telling where to go. The ride took a few minutes, then we alighted at SM City. 

    Waterpark Escapade at Imperial Palace (Cebu)

    Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa
    We originally planned to go to the famous water resort in Lapu-lapu City Cebu when the father of our friend from Cebu mentioned about Imperial Palace Resort.  So while we were in Bantayan Island I searched the web about the two resorts and weight the things that will make us enjoy the most.

    Regal Business Park Hotel (Cebu City)


    While we were still in Bantayan Islands, I searched the net for an accommodation in Cebu City. It was in a blog that I was following that I came across with Regal Business Park Hotel (Cebu City). She gave a nice review in terms of location and  price, so I continued searching to find the hotel's contact number. I called the front desk and made reservations, the frontdesk staff said that he will check for room availability and will return my call later. Not very long after, I received a call and it was from the front desk staff confirming our reservations. It was very nice of them to accept reservations via phone without requiring an advance payment unlike other hotels.

    Escape and Adventure at Bantayan Island Cebu

       THE BEACH
    I woke up early the next day to catch the sun rise after a tiring trip from Davao to Cebu to Hagnaya Port to Sta Fe Bantayan Island.  As the sun rises, slowly revealing the landscape along the stretch of white shoreline, I just couldn't help humming the song "Da Coconut Nut".  That was my first impression of Sta Fe, coconut trees are abundant.

    Lunch at Mactan's Famous SU-TU-KIL

    We arrived at Mactan International Airport a little past 10:00am.  Our friend Emily was already waiting for us at the arrival area, her flight from Manila was ahead of us for 2 hours.  I immediately went out of the arrival area to meet our Cebu friends Orlee & Jakayel who fetched us at the airport.

    I told Orlee that we haven't explored Mactan yet because everytime we are here we always stay or proceed immediately to Cebu City.  Since it was still early we took a taxi and went to see Lapu-lapu Shrine and also try the famous SUTUKIL Restaurants which is just beside the park.


    Lapu-Lapu Shrine is a bronze statue erected in Punta Engaño in honor of Datu Lapu-lapu, a native leader who killed the Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan and defeated the Spanish Soldiers on 1521.

    Chilly Breeze of Buda


    It was always our family tradition to celebrate New Year at an Aunts house in Panabo City, but we thought its about time to break it when me and my cousin was talking about spending the holiday at their rest house located at Buda (Davao-Bukidnon). My first thought was "how about Bruno My Lab?" our helper went home for the holiday and we can't just leave Bruno alone at home.  He has become part of our lives already that we feel guilty leaving him at home while we are having fun. "If only I have a car", I thought it won't be very hard to bring Bruno with us. Good thing my cousin's husband offered to fetch us and said Bruno can ride at the back of the pick-up. To make the story short, all of us were able to go to Buda and Dave and I were at the back of the pick-up with Bruno (Sobrang attached kay Bruno).