A KL trip that almost never happened


Davao City at home

Early in the morning I made several long distance call to Cebu Pacific Hotline (they don't have a toll free number) and asked them if there were any flight delays.  The lady on the other line said that all their flights were on schedule.  I was worried already because Typhoon Basyang hit Luzon 2 days ago and according to the news on TV that it is expected to pass by Manila also.  My friend Dave and his sister Karen's flight (Davao-Manila) schedule was 10:55am while me and my Mom was at 2:30pm.  And so I went with Dave to the airport to meet his sister and do some last minute briefing.    By noon they were already in Manila and texted that the weather is good but with some rains from time to time.

After lunch my Mom and I went to Davao International Airport.  I wanted to be there early because I have to make sure that we can check-in early.  Everything went well and everything seems well.  After we checked-in we immediately proceeded to the pre-departure area and waited for the boarding call.  I have been through many flights with Cebu Pacific and has never experienced flight delays yet.  This was the first time and it was because of Typhoon Basyang. We were waiting and waiting, I was already  restless and agitated, it was almost 5pm and still no boarding call yet.  They said our plane hasn't arrived yet.  Dave kept on texting asking where we are, I wanted to shout my frustrations but I just can't do it because I need to keep my sanity. Mom is with me and she is old (79 years old) so I have to keep my cool and be sane for her at least. Even she kept asking me why it's taking so long, she was already tired and bored. My mobile phone's battery was already on 1 bar status, so I told Dave I'm turning off my phone because I will be needing it later and also instructed him that in case we will not make it to Manila they have to proceed with the trip without us because plane tickets and hotel accommodations was already arranged and paid.  Our flight to KL is at 8:55pm

Finally at 5pm we were called to board our flight (Davao-Manila), throughout the flight my mind was wandering.  I already was planning steps to do if ever we will not make it to our flight to KL that evening. When the plane finally touched down Manila Airport I immediately opened my phone, though a recorded reminder was being played regarding cellphones to be kept off until the plane has completely stop.  I was in a emergency situation that time and I have to get in touch with Dave and inform him that our plane has already landed.  He texted back that check-in at KL Flight is almost closing.  I think they have already checked-in when I texted him that we are already boarding in Davao. So I instructed him to ask Cebu Pacific check-in crew to wait for us since our plane was already at the runway.  Then I told him to meet my Mom at arrival area to get our passports and run it to the check in counter while I'm getting our luggages.   And so, we did just that and the plan worked.  Flight to KL was also delayed for about 2 hours, to make the story short we made it to Kuala Lumpur :)

Things I learned from the experience:

1. Avoid scheduling trips during typhoon months (July, August & September)
2. For us from Davao, take at least two flights earlier before your connecting flight or at least be in Manila the day before your international flight.
3. Always bring something to eat in your hand carry bag specially if you're with older person or children. But you have to buy water or soda in the boarding area stores because they won't allow you to bring bottled water from outside.
4. Magazine or pocketbook are helpful so you won't get bored. Or an android phone with lots of games in it.
5. Phone charger should be in the hand carry bag (mine was in my checked-in luggage that time) or make sure that your phone is fully charged
6. Pray a lot :))

Finally at KL Internationa Airport

It was almost midnight when we arrived KL International Airport.  Passing through immigration went well then we proceeded to the baggage counter to get our luggage.  After getting our luggage we went to the Bureau de Change and have our money changed to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) exchange rate that time was MYR3.0051 = US$1.  Since we planned it to be a DIY (Do-it-yourself) Trip I only booked plane tickets & hotel accommodations online, the rest of the trip plan will be book or paid as we go.  As we went our way outside the airport, I saw a counter for a bus going to KL Sentral but the lady said that all the buses are gone.  She then told us that there might still be a bus outside, it was our first time in KL and so the best thing to do is ask how or where to go.  A group of lady airport security was walking outside and I approached them and ask if there are bus going to KL Sentral and they pointed me to go to the end of the covered walkway.  And yes there's a bus and it's the last one.  We paid  MYR10 for the fare and a few minutes later the bus left the airport with 4 of us and 3 other passengers.  We were the last passenger, the other 3 alighted somewhere and we alighted at KL Sentral.  We then took a taxi to take us at Bukit Bintang where our hotel Bintang Warisan is located, the driver's asking fare was RM25, though I know it could be lesser if we insist on using the meter which they seldom does.  We were to tired from the early "almost a misfortune" event and have no more energy to argue, besides we'll never know what will happen to us if we argue with the driver. So he took us to the hotel.

Bintang Warisan  Hotel  
68 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 KL Malaysia.

I showed our hotel voucher at the front desk and he immediately gave us our keys and have the bellboy lead us to our rooms.  I booked Superior Room because it's cheaper than getting 2 separate bedrooms, it cost us US$167.07.  The room was not big but enough for us to move around.  It has 1 single bed and 2 double beds.  The hotel looks and smelled old but the room was clean. We were so tired from the earlier series of almost unfortunate events and sleep was not so hard.  It was already 1:00am, we agreed to wake up at 7:00am to take our breakfast and get ready for our planned trip to Sunway Lagoon.

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  1. sir, para akong nagbabasa ng suspense na pocketbook. hehe!
    that was a mind-blowing situation, where i know from the very start of the story you'll be able to manage :-)

  2. ha ha ha ha ..... you know the story very well Che, I've been talking about it over and over. I hope your faith and confidence in me is right or maybe I have learned to handle bad situations already he he he he

  3. Almost a travel mishap. We felt the same yung tipong, sasabog kana but you have to keep cool, pag meron kang kasama. It was a 3 hours delay lng na experience namin at domestic flight lang, kung Int't yun goodluck, It will surely cost us a fortune.