My First Ride in a HUGE Wheel (The Singapore Flyer)


The Singapore Flyer
 The Singapore Flyer

We're done with our sightseeing package and we have a whole day free to explore Singapore further.  Again we woke up a little late because last nights sightseeing at Night Safari drained our energy.  We took our breakfast at a resto in the hotel lobby and by this time I have already memorized the taste of all the dishes in the menu.  I had bread, beans & sausage with orange juice (this one's really good, I had 3 glasses full everytime) After breakfast we went back to our room to change.  We have already planned beforehand to spend this day at Marina Area starting along Singapore City Hall area.

We took a taxi and ask the driver to bring us to Funan.  Funan is known as Asia's leading IT Shopping Mall, the one-stop haven that offers the latest, most innovative and widest range of IT and electronic gadgets. With too many items and brands to choose, you'll get a headache aand will have a hard time deciding what to buy especially if you don't have any idea what you really like or want or deserve or whatever...  They say that prices here are cheaper compared back home (Philippines) but when I tried to convert Sgd to Peso it was pretty the same.  But if you happen to be in Singapore on the month of July (Singapore Great Sale)  they say that prices are really a bargain (according to my staff who frequents Singapore every July).

Inside Raffles City Shopping Centre
Since we decided not to buy anything we went out and tried other malls until we reach Raffles City Shopping Centre.  This is a high end mall that houses luxury and designer shops like Omega, Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Kate Spade & Tommy Hilfiger etc.  Since it was almost lunchtime, we walk around the mall to find a place to eat since.  We found ourselves on the 4th floor where the food court is located. There's a wide variety of cuisines to choose but the main ones are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan.  I choose beef with pepper and ginger, my Mom had some noodles which I can't understand the taste.  My brother end up buying another dish because he also didn't like the taste of his noodle soup. Singaporean food taste sweet & hot (chili) and I am not used to that.  Thank God my choices are "eatable", not really liked it but at least I can swallow it :)  After lunch we went down to find our way to Marina.

We wanted to explore Singapore, so we decided to walk going there to see other interesting places along the way.  Equipped with a map we found an escalator going down and wow there's a mall underground!!!  We just followed the signs that says "Marina" until we reached the lobby of Esplanade Theater after a long walk underground.  I was amazed of what Singapore did in this City, the buildings are interconnected through walkways underground.

Esplanade Lobby

Finally on the ground we walked until we reached The Singapore Flyer. We bought our ticket (sgd$33) at a travelling agency near the entrance, quite pricey but what the heck =). We have it validated then we went up to take our ride excited like children.  We were wishing that no other group will show up to join us and God must have loved us, there are only the 3 of us in the tube (me, my brother & Mom) . . . . . .  ha ha ha ha ha . . . . .  the tube is all ours.

The Singapore Flyer opened on April 2008 and it was also the time when I was making my trip plans to Singapore.  My brother was always talking about "London Eye" since he is working in United Kingdom, I made a decision to ride Singapore Flyer.

We were like children taking photos inside the tube as it moved upward giving us a bird's eye view of the entire Singapore City.  It was still 4pm and the view of the sky crappers are clear.  You can see Singapore as far as your eyes can see and the cars running below looks like matchboxes (live & running).  We saw the bleachers being built for the Grand Prix 2008 which will culminate a week after our vacation.  How I wish I could stay longer to watch it but naaaaaaah I'm running out of funds already.  The ride lasted about 30 memorable minutes. 

Below are just a few of the breathtaking view of Singapore City.

When we finally touched down, all passenger were led to a souvenir shop (I think it's SOP to have tourist pass by a souvenir shop in every attractions that you went to). It's my first international travel and it's so tempting to buy everything that I can see, but I was able to control myself from buying souvenir items except for a tiny bell with a replica of Singapore Flyer on the handle.  And this one's for me.

My nephew Dwight texted us to meet them at "The Fountain of Wealth" which also located in Marina area.  We just walked going there and on the way we passed by "Millenia Walk"another high end mall.

After a long walk and sightseeing we reached the "Fountain of Wealth. I find the mist blown by the gentle wind and touches our skin refreshing. And what's more refreshing was the iced lemonade bought by my brother. We went up and found a bench.

Fountain of Wealth is located within the commercial complex of Suntec City.  The base of the fountain is located underground where various restaurants of Suntec City is located. The top ring can be seen at ground level.  A symbol of life and wealth, the Fountain of Wealth is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record as the worlds largest fountain since 1998.

At the ground level, you can see that the location of the fountain is in the middle of a circumferential road.  It was strategically placed and feels like you are in another place amidst the tall buildings and cars passing around.  When my nephew Dwight together with his girlfriend Laila arrived past 7pm we went down to find a place for dinner.

Dinner with Dwight, Laila, Mom & Jun @ Pepper Lunch

After dinner at Pepper Lunch we went back at the fountain to watch the light shows, took some pictures and left around 9pm to head back to our hotel to have a much needed rest.


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