Scary Cable Car Ride At Sentosa Island Singapore

We woke up late (around 9:00am) and went down immediately to take our breakfast which will close by 10am.  There's not much choices in the menu, the food seems like its the same menu as yesterday.  So I made up my mind just to take 2 or 3 dishes and planned to have different kind the following day to at least have a variety out of what is being serve.  There are a lot of tourist in the hotel but seems like we're the only Filipino's there, nobody seems to mind neither do us.  What' s important is we all can afford to take a short vacation.

Today our schedule was Sentosa Island Tour.  We were fetch by a van (again), nice thing with the service provider was they are on time or even earlier.  We were taken again at the same park as yesterday to meet other tourist booked for that trip.  We took a bus ride to Mount Faber for a cable ride entering Sentosa Island.  

It's my first time to ride a cable car, I was already in the Cable Car, it was already running and blam!!!! I can see the bottom so deep atop the building where the Cable car commences.  I have fear of heights and I wasn't expecting that the flooring of the cable car was made of glass. I had a hard time breathing, I was perspiring like rain and I wanted to get out. My brother is a nurse and he was calming me down. When we were in middle of the incline it stopped, I kept my eyes closed but my mind keeps on saying we were falling down. I wanted the trip to end already. When the cable car finally reached the other side, I had a hard time walking because my knees was shaking hard =( It took some time before I was finally relaxed and went to the tour bus.

First stop was the Dolphin Lagoon where we watched a 30 minute Dolphin show.  It was great, twa's my first time to see a Dolphin and indeed they are intelligent (well they were taught and learned to do those tricks). 

Next was a view of the Underwater World where different species of live sea creatures can be seen swimming overhead and around (in a big aquarium).   After watching the sea creatures we passed by a souvenir shop and bought some goodies for "pasalubong" (gift for friends back home)

We then visited a Museum where they feature the "Images of Singapore".  This is a must see if you like to learn the history of Singapore and its people. After the Museum we passed by another souvenir shop and their goddies are different from the first store we went to.  And so I bought again some goodies for "pasalubong".  I realized that it was not a good idea to buy souvenir items in stores around tourist spots ( I will tell you about t it later)
Our Tour guide Kong , came looking for us.  We were hungry after the museum tour and short shopping so we went looking for a place to eat.  We found Subway and ordered sandwiches.  I was about to take my first bite when suddenly Kong showed up and told us to follow him ... well it was time to go somewhere else again. . . . .  Oh man I'm so tired and hungry already and thirsty glad I have a bottled water in my bag. (Tips:  when on sightseeing tour do bring bottled water along or you'll get dehydrated). 

Thank God there was an escalator going down and we dont have to use a stairs.  We reach a train station after a few minutes of walking.  We took the train, went out on the first stop and just a few walking down a concrete stairs VOILA!!!! Song of the Sea will be starting just in a few munutes.  We found a place on the bleachers took out our sandwiches (yeah the ones from "Subway") and bought some soda from a vendor going around hmmmm at that time it was the most tastiest sandwich in the whole world for me... burp!  The show was starting now.  This show is a must see,  I have not enough words for it just come and see it.  DON'T MISS IT PLEASE.


It was a long walk to the parking lot, maybe because the way was packed with people who like us watched the show, we can never make a wide step so we can reach the bus immediately.  At last we were on the bus so tired and still hungry.  The bus took us back on our hotel, group stayed in different hotels so we had a little trip around the city before we reach Summerviewm Hotel.

We just changed our shoes to flip-plops before we went out to find a place to eat dinner.  We reached Bugis and found a Singaporean Restaurant , took our dinner there went back to the hotel.  We were so tired with our days activities so going to sleep was never a struggle that night.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Ang ganda po ng lugar. Pero ang mga dolphin nalulungkot daw pag ganyan.