Exploring Little India Singapore

   Last Day in Singapore

Our flight back to the Philippines will be around midnight.  In the past few days we have seen already a few places in Singapore.  This time, as planned, we will explore Little India.  Armed with our cameras and the last of our pocket money we went to the direction of Little India.  Little India is an ethnic neighborhood found in Singapore that has Tamil cultural elements.  Here you can still find gaily painted shophouses of Tamil influence which but slowly almost disappearing and replace by Hindi and other exotic Indian artworks.

The place was just a short walk from our hotel.  When we reached Little India the streets was decorated with flag-lets and other things crisscrossing the streets and seems like they are celebrating a festival.  We had a great time taking pictures because of the flamboyant and brilliant decorations of the street.

Little India celebrating Festival of Lights
We continued with our walking tour until we reached Mustafa Center.  Mustafa Center is a 24 hours shopping complex which cater mainly to the budget market.  They sell all kinds of goods including jewelries & appliances.  My brother bought an Ipod while my Mom bought some fashion jewelries.  I didn't buy anything :)

Veeramakaliamman Temple, Little India

We went out around lunchtime and looked for a place to eat.  We decided to have a taste of Indian food.  We walked around to find a nice Indian Restaurant and when we did, we went in and made our orders.  Its my first time to try Indian dishes and frankly speaking it didn't taste good for me.  After lunch we continue walking around to explore the streets in Little India area to see if there are other interesting place to see.

After exploring Little India we went to Bugis Junction Shopping Complex.  I saw a Samuel & Kevin shirt and bought a shirt for myself.  The shirts were on sale, if not it could have been very expensive.  Then we looked for the food court to rest and have something cold and refreshing.  The fresh fruit iced crazed is a must try.

Fresh fruits iced craze (a must try)
Afterwards we went to Sam Lim Square to buy some cheap gadgets & gizmos then went back to the hotel for a short rest before having dinner.  Around 7pm (dinner time)  I told myself never to leave Singapore without trying the cerealed prawn.  I read about it in the internet as a must try in Singapore . . . .  indeed it was.

It was already 9pm, we went down to take a cab to the airport.  The feeling was a mixture of happiness, sadness and excitement.  My first International Travel is almost over and at the back of my mind was a question if there's going to be another one.  

The cab ride cost us only sg21 and whats more amazing was the cab has a POS for credit card paying passenger.  My Mom & I went past through immigration and to the pre-departure area where you can still do a little bit of shopping at a duty free store.  I still have a few singaporean dollars left, so I bought some cologne and lots of chocolate candies.  One thing that's really great about Singapore is the GST Tax refund.  When tourist shop in Singapore they are entitled for a tax refund.  I claimed mine at the airport.  Ooooops . . . .  our plane is here . . . .  I gotta go.

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