Nuctornal Tour at Night Safari Singapore

We never had a chance to explore Bugis though it was just walking distance from Summerview Hotel. We were so tired from our Sentosa Tour last night that all we care was to sleep after dinner.  So we decided to go around after breakfast to see what's in store for us in that place  before our Night Safari trip at 6pm.  

National Library
Victoria Street Singapore
We started our leisurely walk from the hotel until we found ourselves in the middle of a "Tiangge" or Market. So many souvenir items was displayed, similar to those I bought from Sentosa and it was half the price or even less.  I bought a few items, though it could have been a big savings have I known that this was the place to buy souvenir items.  We walked farther until we reach Bugis Mall, we just looked around and started walking again untill we reach the Singapore National Library.  We took a few pictures there  then started moving again and passed by Singapore Art Museum. Isn't it amazing that by just walking around Singapore you can see so many tourist spots already? =)  

Before going back to the Hotel we decided to have lunch at "Ko Pi Tiam", a hawker you can find everywhere.  We ordered mixed cuts (roasted pork, duck, chicken & beef) with rice and wanton soup.  It was good and enough for the 3 of us.  We head back to our Hotel to take a few rest.

Singapore Art Museum
Bras Basah Road Singapore
We were picked up at around 6pm taken to the same park for our bus ride to Night Safari. After a few briefing by the tour guide we finally reached Night Safari.  Our booking was with dinner so we were taken to the buffet area.  There were a lot of choices on the menu (appetizers, salad, soup, main course and desserts)  My eyes went wide seeing the food before us.  After a few days of eating in hawkers (the food was good thou) but this one's a real treat!  We were given 45 minutes for dinner so we took our time tasting and savouring almost all of what was served. 
Night Safari
Mandai Lake Road Singapore

After dinner we were lead to a place where a The Tram will take us around the park to see different species of nuctornal animals.  There is no zoo in our place (Davao City) so I was in awe seeing animals I only get to see on discovery channel.  I was excited like a child to see those live creatures.  Adults & children must see this place.

After the tour we still have a few minutes to go around the park using the walking trail and have a face to face encounter or at least being near with the animals. It was an amazing sight. After exploring the place on foot, we went back to the Entrance Plaza took some more photos and waited for the tour guide's call for boarding the bus back to our hotel.  The Night Safari experience took about 4.5 hours excluding travel time.

When we reach the hotel I was so thankful for Cebu Pacificair  for the cheap airfare that they are giving to us.  Without the cheap tickets this trip could never be possible to happen.


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  1. i've seen a lot of pics from sg but not those 4 scary whatever from sg art museum. nice.. i'd like to have a photo-opp there as well [but haven't been to sg yet. lol.]

  2. Amazing pics! Night safari is a amazing idea to experience the wildlife in a night, i have visited once an that was the thrilling and adventurous experience for me.