Magnificent MACAU

Macau Tour

It was our second day in Hong Kong and our tour guide picked us from The Evergreen Hotel (HK) and took us at Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal located in Sheung Wan. The terminal is one of the several in Hong Kong that provide ferry services to Macau and cities in Southern China. It is said to have helipads too for helicopter services. The terminal is part of the Shun Tak Centre, a commercial and transport complex locted at Central Hong Kong.

The tour guide gave us our tickets and led us to immigration. Yes, we have to pass through Immigration because we will be exiting Hong Kong. After Immigration, we went to the pre-departure area while waiting for the call to board the ferry boat.

The pre-departure area is big and everyone was busy looking for a spot to take pictures.  There are about hundreds of other passengers with us.  Some are residents I guest because they queued at separate lane in the Immigration and they just show somewhat like an ID Card and they let them passed through immediately while tourist like us waited for our passports to be stamped.

Back to picture taking .... I finally found a spot at the end part of the pre-departure area and ask my friend take my pictures with tall buildings of Hong Kong City on the background :)

Boarding was finally called and we have to queue again to enter the ferry boat.  We finally found our sit and the excitement has never disappeared.

Me & Dave
My niece Jeshca & her mom Jeselyn
Alma & my Mom (Nena)
The boat ride was a bit bumpy and made most of us dizzy. We arrived at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal in Macau and again we have to go through Immigration and have our passport stamped.  A tour guide will be meeting us outside the pier and a bus is ready to take us on a tour around Macau.

Most of the Chinese passengers and other foreign tourist hurried to go to Immigration but with our group which mostly are first timers in Macau never missed a chance to take photos consideration a nice view of Macau Fisherman's Wharf was just behind us =)

With the group on the tour bus

After passing through the Macau Immigration, we went outside the terminal and there our tour was waiting for us. He greeted us and led us to the tour bus parked outside the arrival area. He didn't waste any time, right after we had taken our seats he presented to us our itinerary in Macau.



Macau is known for its trademark casinos and their economy is based largely on gaming & tourism.  Aside from that, Macau is also into textile and garment manufacturing. You will be amazed going around Macau because of the many buildings (restaurants, casinos & businesses) being constructed in the reclaimed area.  It is said that Macau was originally just an island but reclamation which started way back in the 17th century has made Macau into a peninsula.



It was a whole day of amazing and fun trip, tiring but will be one of my most memorable trip.  It feels really good if one is able to see beautiful places such as Macau with your family with you. Whole day in Macau is never enough.  There are so much to see, even on the news there are always something new going on there, new buildings specially casinos.  I will be back someday, not to gamble but only to savour the beautiful scenery on modern developments.

We went back to the pier to go back to Hong Kong.  We didn't stay overnight in Macau because our accommodation is only in Hong Kong and besides we still have City Tour to do the following day :)


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  1. I visited Macau in 2005 and I also visited the Ruins. I was there for only half a day so aside from the ruins, the other place I visited was Macau tower where I did a Skywalk.

  2. With all these wondrous sights and sceneries, no wonder Macau is becoming one of the most popular tourist destination the world over.