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Arriving at HK Disneyland was a childhood dream come true. I used to envy cousins even nephews & nieces who were able to go see Disneyland (USA) at a young age. All I have was imaginations what it's like being there and see characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and try the rides that my cousins are talking about during family gatherings. Thank God Disneyland opened in HK, I don't mind if many says that it is the smallest Disneyland compared to Disney Parks in other countries as long as I am able to make my dream to reality,  I will be most happy. :-D

I was so glad I brought my niece Jeshca with me.  This trip was a promised prize for her being on top of her class.  Yes still young yet already an achiever.  She deserved this trip.  I brought her to Hong Kong so that she will see the world beyond the province where she is growing up. Just like me she was also dreaming of personally meeting Mickey and the other Disney Characters she saw on TV and I wanted it to come true while she's still young. Not only that, even my Mom, Sis-in-law Jessilyn and my friend Dave couldn't hide the excitement.  We were like children once again.

HK Disneyland ticket cost HK$399 is your passport to a whole day of magical adventure.  My staff Donna was the one who planned how we will spend our day at Disneyland. This trip was her 2nd time at HK Disneyland, she told us not to miss the shows anyway we can see the other attractions along the way. So she made a short list for us on how and where we will cruise around Disneyland Park and the time the shows starts. And it was a great help for us first timers =)

First we went to Adventure Land. There was a digital clock place outside the theater telling us what time the Lion King Musical will start.  It was still a few minutes past the hour of 11 and the show will start at 12 noon.  Since our waiting time was very long we decided to go to the nearby dock where we can take a raft that will bring us to Tarzan's Treehouse.  When I was still very young I use to watch Tarzan (in black & white Television) and being here, able to see, walk and climb in his house was an amazing experience.

After our first short adventure at Tarzan's Tree House we went back to the Festival of Lion King.  When we arrived there, we were just in time for the theater to open and allow people to come in for the Lion King Musical show.  It was August and the temperature in HK is extremely humid, the airconditioning in the arena has helped to cool us. The wait was not long, a few minutes after we are on our sit the show started. The show lasted for 30 minutes only and it was awesome.  You should never miss this show when you get here.

After the show we then proceeded at Fantasy Land, we haven't have the time to try the Jungle River Cruise because we were already starving and the Golden Mickey Show will start at 1:45.  After we took our lunch we immediately queued for the Golden Mickey Show. It was a long wait, when we finally was allowed to get in I immediately set up my camera to take a video of the show.  I'm so glad I did that because until now I'm still awed watching it over and over again.

The Golden Mickeys is a musical stage show presented in the style of an awards ceremony with characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Mulan, 101 and 1 Dalmatians, Toy Story 2, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.  The show was spectacular, there was never a dull moment.  This show is also a must see :))

Next we went to Mickey Philharmagic a dassingly amazing 4D experience with Maestro Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and pals. We then went to the Main Street and waited for the Water Parade. While waiting for the Water Parade to start, we went inside the Mickey Shops to check some things =)

After the Parade, we went to Tomorrow Land and watch Stitch Encounter and tried the Space Mountain Ride.  Since we still have plenty of time before the fireworks show, we tried other rides  like Mad Hatter Tea Cup, Its a Small World,  just killing the time for the fireworks show.  Sadly, I was not able to take pictures of the fireworks because I was carrying my niece on my neck for her to be able to see the firework show well.

After the fireworks, we slowly walked towards the exit of the park.  Our tour guide was waiting for us at the parking lot for the bus ride back to the hotel. All of us were tired of the days activity yet we all felt very happy having a childhood dream fulfilled.

BDO Davao Monteverde Group in Hong Kong Disneyland 2009


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