Relaxing in Bohol Philippines


I always wanted to visit Bohol  as a child.  What I know about Bohol are only the things that I read on books during my grade school years.  I always wonder whats inside the chocolate hills the main reason why as a child I dreamed of going to Bohol because I loved chocolates so much :)  I also wonder if tarsiers are really thumbsize only and desired of having it as a pet because I can easily sneak it in my pocket being the smallest mammal.

As soon as Cebu Pacific posted low fares on the internet I immediately booked plane ticket for 2.  Dave and I planned to at least travel 2 international & 1 local destinations a year and Bohol was the planned itinerary for this year.  The next thing I did after booking our plane ticket was to look for a hotel at Panglaw in the internet.  I have listed many choices and read guest feedbacks.  I decided to book at Cherry's Inland Resort aside from it being new it is also walking distance from Alona Beach.

An officemate suggested that I contact Jun Tambis for our day tour.  I heard that he is  a reliable tour guide in Bohol or if you need to rent a car.  She gave me his number and I immediately texted Jun and ask if he is available for a Day Tour in Bohol on May 11, 2010.  He texted back and gave me an affirmative answer.  I also learned from communicating with him that they also do pick up service from pier to hotel & vice-versa, and also can arrange for the dolphin watching, snorkeling & island hopping.  And so I booked everything to him.

Ferry from Cebu-Tagbilaran-Cebu - P600/pax
Cherry's At Home Too Inland Resort - P1,650/night Standard Twin Room
Day Tour - P2,500.00
Pick up pier-hotel-pier P1,000.00
Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping &n Snorkling P1,200.00

Shoreline of Alona Beach Panglao Bohol
Alona beach is a beautiful 1km or more stretch of white sand and walking along the shore  you will pass by all sorts of restaurants where you can stop in for a cold beer or soda.

Alona Beach located at the Southwestern tip of Bohol famous for its beautiful whitesand a great place to sit back and relax
A rainbow suddenly appeared as we are walking along the shores of Alona Beach

May 11, 2011 - Bohol Day Tour (Day 1)

Chocolate Hills

Wish I can actually touch the tip :)

Butterfly Farm
Jun brought us to Butterfly Farm the guide holding a catterpillar.
The butterfly on my face.
Man Made Forrest
Picture taking with my friend Dave at the famous man-made forest

To save the soil from erosion Boholano's planted mahogany trees  
Hanging Bridge
Hanging bridge located at the upper part of Loboc River.  A souvenir shop can be found at the end of the bridge and the price is cheaper than the goods found in other place.
Tarsier Encounter

Floating Resto

Having buffet lunch at Loboc River with a local singer entertaining us.  It cost us P350

A short stop at Ati Tribe Community

Bohol Python
The Pythin named Prony
Baclayon Church

Blood Compact Site

Bee Farm

Any flavor a must try.  We tried lemon grass icecream and its good.



  1. Bohol is really amazing with its chocolate hills, fine beaches in Panglao and the tarsier. I read in PAL's magazine the myth of Bohol and it was suppose to be a turtle and chocolate hills were the spikes on his back.

  2. Kakainggit ka bro, Itis also my childhood dream to see the Chocolate hills and that cute tarsier. There are other great places pa pala that Bohol offers. God willing we will be at Bhol this summer.

  3. been to bohol.. i miss it but i still won't let a butterfly land into my nose. lol. scary. :D

  4. Beautiful place, I wonder when can i visit there.

  5. The greatest thing about bohol: peanut kisses, but i guess you can buy it anywhere now :) I miss bohol. Your shots are awesome, makes me want to visit soon.

    ***I love your macro shot of the caterpillar. "Bumble caterpillar" :)

  6. It doesn't get old seeing pictures of Bohol since it's really beautiful and has a lot of attractions.

  7. i've always heard of panglao as the place to be if you want to relax and unwind... i hope to see this place someday...very nice photos too..Yahweh bless

  8. there's an ati tribe in bohol? this sounds unfamiliar to me huh.

  9. It's been a while since I've been to Bohol. Time to make some arrangements for a trip there next year. Speaking of which, would you be able to share the contact of your tour guide there? :)

  10. The man made forest is what I love to see aside from chocolate hills and tarsier.

  11. Bucket list ko ang Panglao in Bohol! I hope I'd be able to go there next year :D

  12. I miss Bohol for quite sometime now especially the shoreline of Alona.

  13. Though we live in cebu for six years, we never got a chance to visit Bohol. Everytime we saw friends going to this province it make us more envy. If we could have the luxury of time :) Good for you Ricky and Dave able to tour the best Bohol. Wish we could do the same.

  14. Nice trip and I love those photos. I hope we could have a vacation this coming summer and I would love to include this place in our lists.

  15. Great! there's a lot of things to see and places to visit in Bohol ..

  16. This makes me miss Bohol! Actually, Bohol was the trip that triggered the travel addict in me. :) I underestimated Alona Beach before but when we finally arrived there, I was actually impressed. I didn't expect the sand would be that white and powdery.

  17. Aside from the world famous Chocolate hills and Tarsiers, bohol has lots of beautiful sites to offer pa pala. Ganda ng beach ah..

  18. Oh! I'm so envious! I didn't get to go to the Hanging Bridge and Ati-Tribe! I've been to Bohol twice but I haven't seen both attractions. Also, we skipped on Alona Beach since it was already crowded at the time. Did you try visiting Dumaluan Beach where Bohol Beach Club is? It's lovelier and more peaceful there. :)

  19. Oh, wow - I would definitely go there someday. I heard about Cherry Resort and they have good reviews from travelers and as I see they have an affordable services. :)

  20. I also heard that there's a long zip line in Danao, Bohol which crosses between two mountains.

  21. Bohol is my first love, and first love never dies. Since the moment I traveled to Bohol, I never stop traveling places. I miss Bohol, I will definitely going back.

  22. I personally prefer going to such places and maid of the mist niagara falls ny are one of those things for me that always works.