Exciting Singapore (My First International Travel)


Our Flight & Arrival

We (me and my Mom) took a plane from Davao International Airport  at around 2:00PM to NAIA3 for our connecting flight to Singapore.  Our flight from Manila to Singapore was at 8:45PM so we had a 4 hour wait in the airport.  There's not much to see yet at NAIA3 since it only opened last August 2008 so only a few shops and restaurants around. We arrived at Budget terminal airport in Singapore at around 11:55pm.  Cebu Pacific indeed have live up to its commitment and that is to depart & arrive on time.  We took a car (BMW) arranged by my brother to pick us up at the airport and bring us to Summerview Hotel at Bencoolen St.  It is my first time in Singapore and amazingly it is very clean.  There's so many trees even as we enter the City proper.

We arrived at Summerview Hotel a few minutes past midnight and my brother met us in the lobby.  There was a long embrace by my brother and mom (we haven't seen each other for almost 2 years since he left the Philippines to work in UK).  The bellboy took our bags and noticeably he is an old man.  At the back of my mind I was thinking they don't retire their personnel.  The man took us in our room and demonstrated in a very courteous manner how to use the hotel facilities and told us that water in Singapore are clean and that you can drink it straight from the tap.  He even drank from it in assurance.

City Tour
 I booked our sightseeing package back in the Davao City 3 months before our actual flight via  There was always fear when paying via credit card but this website is secured and safe to book your travel requirements. We were fetch by a van from our Hotel at around 1:30pm and took us to a park where tourist from other Hotels would meet for the sightseeing schedule.  The staff of the service provider were very efficient and organized.  They were coutreous and friendly. 
"City Tour" package includes a visit at National Orchid Garden, Singapore Gem Cutting Factory, a Temple at China Town, Merlion Park and Little India.
The National Orchid Garden is quite interesting because you can see a lot of species of orchids from all sizes and colors.  As we walked around we passed by a tunnel-like path full of dancing ladies in bright yellow color and wow ...made me think, this could be a very beautiful place to hold wedding ceremonies.
Driving past so many buildings the tour guide explains that those are the housing buildings for the Singaporeans and the buildings looked like the first class condos in the Philippines, to them it was just a version of a low cost housing. 
Next stop was the Gem Cutting factory where you can see different kinds of gem stones from its rare form cut and made into pieces of jewelries.

A short visit to a Temple was done to show us the religious culture of the Singaporean.  Actually Singaporeans are a mixture of Chinese, Malaysians, British and Indians and according to the tour guide they don't call them by race, everybody ( the citizens) are called Singaporeans (no color discrimination).  If this is really true then other countries should follow the examples of Singapore.

Merlion was a famous icon for Singapore Tourism,  you can see them prominently in every place of interest.
Our last stop was Little India but we didn't join the group since our hotel was just a few minutes walk in the area and we thought that we can see Little India some other days.  The reason why we are in a hurry was we were meeting my nephew Dwight for dinner and we need to freshen up before seeing him & his girlfriend Laila.
The whole trip was tiresome but it was worth the spent energy because we knew and learn about Singapore. We had dinner at a fastfood (4th floor of a tall building) around Orchard Road, very near the Orchard MTR Station. By 10:00pm we were back at the Hotel to have our rest.  Yes we had a good sleep, we weren't just tired but the beds at the hotel are comfortable.


  1. Nakakatuwa talaga mga first times, lalo na yung first international travel. How was your immigration officer experience in NAIA 3? :D

  2. They were actually nice, I brought with me that time a folder with all the tour and accommodations vouchers in it just in case they will ask and my mom was also with me when we faced the immigration officer. They didn't asked me too many questions unlike what you experienced in Subic. Maybe next time sa NAIA3 ka na lang manggaling =)