The Historical Intramuros Manila Walk

   I was staying at a friends place inside Intramuros, I have been to Manila several times but has never had a chance to see Intramuros, so I decided to do some leisure walk and see the place my Mom was born and grew up way back 1931.  In her stories, she grew up there until her High School Years.  I always wanted to do this and my chance finally came.

According to my Mom they live at Cabildo St.  They use to own a Boarding House there during the Pre-War back in 1940's, since there are plenty of Colleges & Universities inside Intramuros. She lived here until she finished her High School and by choice migrated in Mindanao at a tender age of 16.

A walk from Corner Muralla - Cabildo St. 

The brick road is still present in some parts of the stretch but most of it was already an asphalt road.

Famous for its name "WALLED CITY" the remains of the walls that used to protect Intramuros Manila from foreign invasion.  This was constructed way back in the 16th century by the Spaniards to protect the seat of the Spanish Government.  Now it has become one of the famous tourist attraction of the Philippines.

From where I am standing to take the picture was the old Manila while on the background an obvious result of modern development.

With it's rich history I am hoping that government will fund for the preservation of the remains of this historical walled city in the Philippines so that the future generations will still see and touch what they had been reading in textbooks or taught at school.

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