A Long and Winding Road of Baguio City


One of my wishlist as a child was to travel in Baguio City.  I used to look at my Mom's photos in Baguio City during her younger days and her stories about the wonderful places in Baguio City.

We left Manila on a Monday, while everybody was busy preparing to work, go to school or just attend to their own businesses, we are heading to Baguio City for an overnight leisure & rest. The trip was originally planned to take place on August but because of the storm in Manila, the training that me and my business partner was supposed to attend to was postponed at a later date. My vacation leave was already filed and approved, I have to beg my boss to have it moved on September. When my boss said ok i immediately re-book our tickets to September. Sadly because of the storm I have to pay a re-booking fee of P3200 :(

We left Manila past 3:00am to avoid the traffic. As we were cruising the long and winding Kennon Road, the temperature was slowly changing. The cool breeze and the changing landscape was igniting our excitement. We arrived Baguio City around 8:00 a.m., very early for hotel check in. Since check in will still be around lunch time we decided to walk around Camp John Hay and other places nearby.

Our accommodation at Hotel Elizabeth was arranged by a good friend a day before in Manila. The hotel rate was a bargain, they offered 50% off when she booked our hotel accommodation. We got the Executive Suite since there are five of us who traveled together. It was a big room with a nice view outside the veranda.

Hotel Elizabeth
#1 J Felipe St., Corner Gilbraltar St.
Baguio City, Philippines

After we settled our things in the room we immediately proceeded with our adventure in Baguio City. First stop was Good Shepherd Convent  to buy some goodies for pasalubong. Everything you can buy there worth a lot. Aside from all the goods we bought taste great, we are also supporting and helping the convent (somehow). A must try is the iced tea with honey & strawberry juice sold at the counter . . . . Really really good and healthy :)

Next, we went to the famous Mines View Park to see what it was famous for. There was a narrow pathway in going to Mines View Park because of the numerous souvenir vendors along the way.  If not for the St Bernard Dogs or being able to wear an Ifugao costume, it would have become a disappointment.

I went near the Ifugao women with authentic Ifugao clothes displayed on the sidewalk. She told me that we can have our photos taken wearing those authentic clothes for a minimum donation of P10. The donation was for a good cause and that is to support the needs of senior citizen Ifugao's. If you have a generous heart definitely you will give more. 

Mines View Park has become too commercialized. Too many souvenir shops around, I felt a little dizzy passing through an endless shops. I was a little disappointed with the view too because instead of seeing nature in all its fascinating beauty, I saw houses and structures that in a few more years will replace the trees in the mountains. Well, maybe because of the cold weather of Baguio City, people would like to own a property and live here. Even I desired it if I have a chance =)

We then went to Burham Park to see the famous man-made-lake and tried rowing boat. When we got tired we went to one of the big Malls of Baguio City to have an early dinner before going back to the hotel. To sum up our day, we had fun, we didn't sweat, it was great.

The following day we woke up just in time for breakfast, after breakfast we returned to our room to pack our things. Before going back to Manila, we dropped by Good Shepherd  Convent again because our friend liked to buy some more pasalubong, again I bought and drank iced tea with honey and strawberry juice before going back to the car for our way back home.

Note from Ikoy:
I hope you will not lose interest in reading my blog because of my not so good photos. All I have was shots from my Sony Cybershot 10.1Megapixel Digital Camera. I am not so fanatic with DLSR Cams but since I already decided to Blog, I might as well invest or save for a DLSR Cam :) It's going to be one of my wish list next year 2012.



  1. Wow!So glad you seem to have enjoyed Baguio City. Truly though, a lot of tourist spots here in Baguio are already heavily commercialized. I suggest that you try to go to the strawberry farm(though it's already in another town)next time. :)

  2. why didn't you go to PMA, Tam-awan, Bell Church and La trinidad "strawberry farm? thats the best places in baguio.. then after that deretso kayo ng Sagada, super maienjoy mo un promise.. or try mo mgpunta din during panagbenga festival ang saya sobra:-)