Adventure @ Universal Studio Singapore with my MOM

We woke up early the following morning,  hostel rate we paid included a simple breakfast composed of bread, margarine and coffee.  It was my first time to stay in a hostel and I can't complain, the rate was so cheap and we are thankful that there's breakfast included.

Tallest Twin - Petronas Twin Towers


It's our last day in Kuala Lumpur and we have a flight to Singapore late in the afternoon  Tired from the first 2 days of exploring KL Malaysia we woke up late.  We went down to take our breakfast, this time I'm already having an upset stomach from eating nasi lemak (Malaysian Coconut Milk Rice).  After breakfast we went up, packed our  things and checked out. 

Adventure & Misadventure @ Kuala Lumpur


Even if we were still tired from our trip at Sunway Lagoon last day, we manage to wake up early and prepare for this day's adventure.  As planned we will be going at Genting Highlands Resort with a side trip at Batu Caves.  After breakfast I asked a taxi driver how much would it cost to take us at Batu Cave & Genting Highlands.  The asking price was RM120 but I did some haggling and we agreed at RM100.  

Strolling at Kuala Lumpur after the Adventures


After Sunway Lagoon Adventure

After an exhausting & exciting day at Sunway Lagoon we went out from the Park.  We have already asked Mr. Lee earlier how and where are we going to get a bus ride back to the hotel.  And I also ask him where China Town is.  Mr. Lee is a nice person,  with a smile on his face he told us to use the overpass bridge and take a bus (I forgot the bus number) from the other side.  So we just did that and to be sure ask a banana cue vendor about taking a bus and she said the same thing. 

Shivering in the Cold Genting Highlands Resort

From Batu Caves we then went to Genting Highlands Resort. It was already past lunch hour when we reached Genting Highlands Theme Park and at that point we were already starving. We immediately looked for a place to eat. Good thing Marybrown (Famous Chicken and Taters) was just inside a building besides the ticketing booth of the resort, so we went inside and immediately made our orders.

Skyhigh Stairs of Batu Cave


I had my 79 years old Mom and friends Dave and Karen with me and don't want to discomfort them with DIY type of travel. So we took a taxi from our hotel and asked the driver to bring us to Batu Cave and later to Genting Highlands Resort. After more than an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur a yellow giant statue was already visible from afar.

Wet and Wild at Sunway Lagoon Water Parks


It's our day 1 at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We immediately fixed ourselves when we woke up past 7:00a.m.  then went down to take our breakfast.  There was only 1 vacant table in the restaurant.  The lady seated us and gave us the menu.  Since I have no idea how Malaysian food taste like, I choose an american breakfast instead.  The dining was filled with other tourist of different nationalities.  Chinese, Taiwanese, American, Australian and others (can't recognize the language they are speaking).  After our breakfast, Dave and I asked the front desk staff how to go to Sunway Lagoon. He told us that the easiest way was to hire a taxi.  I ask a taxi driver named Mr. Lee how much it would cost us for him to take us to Sunway Lagoon.  He told me myr100 I haggled and we agreed to myr90.  I do not know how far Sunway Lagoon is so we left our fate to Mr. Lee.

A KL trip that almost never happened


Davao City at home

Early in the morning I made several long distance call to Cebu Pacific Hotline (they don't have a toll free number) and asked them if there were any flight delays.  The lady on the other line said that all their flights were on schedule.  I was worried already because Typhoon Basyang hit Luzon 2 days ago and according to the news on TV that it is expected to pass by Manila also.  My friend Dave and his sister Karen's flight (Davao-Manila) schedule was 10:55am while me and my Mom was at 2:30pm.  And so I went with Dave to the airport to meet his sister and do some last minute briefing.    By noon they were already in Manila and texted that the weather is good but with some rains from time to time.