Strolling at Kuala Lumpur after the Adventures


After Sunway Lagoon Adventure

After an exhausting & exciting day at Sunway Lagoon we went out from the Park.  We have already asked Mr. Lee earlier how and where are we going to get a bus ride back to the hotel.  And I also ask him where China Town is.  Mr. Lee is a nice person,  with a smile on his face he told us to use the overpass bridge and take a bus (I forgot the bus number) from the other side.  So we just did that and to be sure ask a banana cue vendor about taking a bus and she said the same thing. 

The bus was full and it was only my Mom who was able to sit when a gentleman gave his seat, Karen, Dave and I was standing but was able to sit also after a few bus stop.  Every time someone would alight we move from our seat forward so we will be near the driver.  I was already sitting at the front seat after transferring several times and  I told him to drop us at China Town.  When the bus reach China Town we went down. 

China Town located at Petaling Street KL well-known as bargain hunter's paradise where you can find all sorts of stuff from Chinese herbs to imitation goods.  At night, it transforms into a busy & vibrant night market filled with hundreds of stall offering all kinds of goods at a cheap price which can still be lowered by haggling.
KL China Town is also a good place for Chinese food especially hawker's stalls and open air restaurants which can be found at almost every corner.  Most of them also are open until very late at night.

Walking around Bukit Bintang -there's a place for foodies.  Classy restaurants intermix with the hawkers that spread along the stretch of Jalan Alor, offering all kinds of mouth watering delights to suit every palate and budget.

After Batu Caves & Genting Highlands Resort Adventures

After the adventure and misadventures at Genting Highlands Resort, the only time I am able to breath normally was when we finally arrived at our hotel.  Though there was an unexpected set-back at Genting Highlands, it has never stopped us from exploring Bukit Bintang and this time we went to the other side where huge shopping malls were standing.  Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, Starhill Gallery, Sephora are just a few of the malls at that side of Bukit Bintang District.  It was almost 9:00 in the evening and malls might be closing soon so Dave and I decided to go to Pavillion KL Shopping Mall - the biggest among the malls around.  A 1.37M square feet complex comprised of three major units : a retail mall, a office block and residential towers.

At the entryway sits the Pavilion Crystal Fountain, a new national landmark.  It is the tallest Liuli Crystal Fountain in Malaysia.

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