Adventure & Misadventure @ Kuala Lumpur


Even if we were still tired from our trip at Sunway Lagoon last day, we manage to wake up early and prepare for this day's adventure.  As planned we will be going at Genting Highlands Resort with a side trip at Batu Caves.  After breakfast I asked a taxi driver how much would it cost to take us at Batu Cave & Genting Highlands.  The asking price was RM120 but I did some haggling and we agreed at RM100.  

It was a long ride.  The roads at Kuala Lumpur is wide about 6-8 lanes per side, unlike in Davao City where we only have 3 lanes max.  Although it was not part of the itinerary, the taxi driver brought us to an imported goods stores, and he was trying to convince us to buy because according to him the price there is cheaper than the malls at KL.  I told him my budget is good only for todays trip at Genting Highlands and don't have extra money to buy anything along the way. We went out from the store and went back to the taxi.  I haven't noticed anything yet with the driver.  

I was expecting the driver to take us to Batu Cave after that short stop, instead he brought us at a pewter shop and again was even more persistent in encouraging us to buy something.  Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, traditionally 85-99% tin, with the remainder consisting of copper, antimony, bismuth and lead (quoted from  It is used to make tableware, drinkware, accessories, wine and bar accessories, and other things.  The items they are selling doesn't come cheap and I actually don't have any interest with what they are selling.  After looking around for awhile we went out and ask the driver to take us to Batu Cave.  I can see disappointment from the drivers face.  He took us at Batu Cave which was just a few minutes drive from the Pewter Shop. I though, maybe all these are just part of their tour promotion activities because I experienced this in Singapore, Bangkok & Hong Kong where the tour guide bring us to jewelry factory as part of the itinerary of a pre-arranged tour.  But this time I paid the taxi to bring us to Batu Cave & Genting Highlands only.

Finally we arrived at Batu Cave and spent about an hour there including the climbing of the 272 steps to the caves. My Mom climbed the 272 steps stairs too and successfully reach the top.  I am so proud of her.  She never complain and she enjoy going with me when I travel.

After taking some photos in the cave, we went down and immediately went back to the taxi.  I asked the driver to take us now at Genting Highlands.  It's my first time to travel Kuala Lumpur and have no idea where we were going.  The driver was talking about a cable car and I also read about it in the internet.  So I said ok.  The taxi driver dropped us at the Cable Car Station.  

While I was preparing to pay him I heard a man saying something in their dialect/language and the driver answered back.  From the facial expressions I felt something was not right.  Then he said "we're here".  Sadly I couldn't understand what they are talking about and paid him RM100 and the taxi left.  After the taxi was gone, someone told us that the Cable Car are closed for maintenance.  I just smiled my anger and disappointment.  I am in strange land with strange language.  I was thinking why the driver did that to us.  Maybe taxi drivers who takes tourist at those stores earned commissions if we buy goods from that imported goods store and pewter shop, but we didn't.  That driver was really bad and giving a bad image of Malaysia.  My experience with Mr Lee last day was nice because Mr. Lee was accommodating and commendable but this one almost spoiled our travel at Kuala Lumpur.

We went up the building and look for someone to get information on how we can get to Genting Highlands Resort.  The lady in the counter told us that there's a bus outside who are bound for Genting but will be leaving at 2:00pm.  I told her we don't have the luxury of time to wait that long.  She then suggested that we take a taxi from there and it will cost us around RM30/pax.  My frustrations grew even more but I don't have a choice, we were already there.  So we went down and look for a taxi. The driver asked RM100 for our ride to Genting Highlands Resort, I tried to haggle and the taxi driver agreed to take us at for RM90. Everything we read about a rampant practices for taxi drivers of KL were true. Well, they're just like the drivers in Manila. But I am from Davao City were taxi drivers are known to be honest, always use the taxi meter and even gives back the exact change to the passengers.

We finally reached the Resort and was already starving.  We decided to take our lunch first before buying our ticket for the resort.  While we are having our lunch I tried to get disappointments off my mind.  Displaying a happy face to my companions I made a decision that we have to enjoy this trip . . . .  no matter what!

We spent a few hours at Genting Highlands Resort riding some of the thrill rides until it was time for us to take dinner since it was already 6:00pm.  After dinner I told them that we should be going back to the city (KL) because it's late and we might have a hard time finding a bus.

When we reached the Bus Station, I was startled when the lady in the counter told us that all bus tickets are already sold out. Whaaaaaaaat?!?  I wasn't ready for this . . . . . it's too much already.  First was a delayed flight from Davao to Manila, next was Check-in for KL Flight at NAIA T3 almost closing.  Then the taxi driver who over charged us at KL Sentral,  then the taxi driver who left us at Skyway Cable Car Station even if he knew that the Cable Car was under maintenance.  I knew that was the driver was saying to him.  Now we can't go back to our hotel because there's no more bus!!!  I wasn't breathing anymore, my mind was already at the vindictive stage.  It's good that my companions kept their silence and gave me time to think.  TAXI!!! yes, we have to find a taxi,  hope a taxi will pass by.  I don't care how much I will pay as long as we can go home to the hotel.

A man approached me and said he has a van for hire available for RM100.  I asked him if there's any other passenger with us and he said only the four of us.  Now I thought it's pretty cheap because going to Genting Highland earliers we paid RM100 plus RM90 from Skyway Cable Car Station.

We reached the hotel around 9:00pm and that was the only time I am able to breath normally.

If I could have known that getting to Genting Highlands Resort you can take a bus from:
  1. Puduraya to Genting Highlands Resort - Fare RM9.60
  2. KL Sentral to Genting Highlands Resort - Fare RM9.30 
And the exchange rate that time was RM1 = P14.4222.  You can now imagine how expensive the trip was? Now, before going to Kula Lumpur please read the link below on "How to Get There" by Boundfortwo =)

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  1. common talaga ang scams that involve taxi drivers,tuktuk drivers at iba pang drivers.pero may iba namang drivers na mabait din.inagt-ingat na lang talaga.

    1. That's true Melvin, It was a sad experience although on our first day the driver of the taxi we took to go to Sunway Lagoon was really nice. It's just sad that I wasn't able to contact him the following day to take us to Batu Caves and Genting Highlands.