Dolphin Watching & Island Hopping in Bohol

We have to get up before the sun rises to catch a glimpse of the dolphins.  Since it is going to be almost a whole day sea trip, we requested the hotel to make us a sandwich for our breakfast while cruising the ocean. We were informed by the hotel staff that we can also bring packed lunch and they can prepare it for us also. I politely declined thinking that we will be spending our lunch at Balicasag Island and expect fresh seafoods are available there :)

Sunrise at Alona Beach

An Eye Popping Philippine Tarsier Encounter


One of the destination that tourist should not missed when in Bohol Islands is visiting the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.

Relaxing in Bohol Philippines


I always wanted to visit Bohol  as a child.  What I know about Bohol are only the things that I read on books during my grade school years.  I always wonder whats inside the chocolate hills the main reason why as a child I dreamed of going to Bohol because I loved chocolates so much :)  I also wonder if tarsiers are really thumbsize only and desired of having it as a pet because I can easily sneak it in my pocket being the smallest mammal.

Mythical Chocolate Hills of Bohol (Philippines)


When we think about Bohol what come's first of our minds were Chocolate Hills before we can think of other tourist attractions that can be found here. When I was in grade school, every time a teacher would lecture us about Philippine geography and Chocolate Hills was mentioned, I daydreamed that one day I can visit this place and eat all the chocolate hills that my hands can grab in Bohol. I really thought it was made of real chocolates =)